Tuesday, January 26, 2010

My little peanut....

is sick :( Over the weekend I had a wedding to coordinate up in Clewiston, FL. I was M.I.A. from my blog because I had to prepare myself to go organize, coordinate & mediate everything happening for the wedding. Here are some pics:

If you didn't know, I periodically plan special events - weddings, parties and the like, but realized it was taking too much of my time from my family & me. So, months ago I decided this was my very last wedding.

While the weekend was productive and the wedding was beautiful, it was bittersweet. It was a winter wonderland theme and while it was planned in sunny South Florida, the only thing that really had any cold was my daughter.

* sigh*

I just knew that the sleepless nights and restless days were upon me. She told me and the hubs her nose was nenested (translation: Congested) She is so cute! It is so hard though to watch her sick. Somehow, in the middle of having no sleep, watching her struggle to breathe and missing out on my plans I can still smile - God is good. While I am still making my adjustments for the week, I realized I could use a little more motivation to continue sticking things out. Now that I am free from any other pressing things eating up my time, I am looking at how I can be more effective with accomplishing my goals for the year. I already have accomplished one by closing the business so I can have more free time for me & my family. The next few things are just creative endeavors to keep me invigorated!

I noticed that when I am more specific & detailed with how I am looking to accomplish my goals - long or short term - I actually see them through. Maybe not always within " my timing" lol but still they are accomplished.

I am in the process of laying out the exact days - not times lol - I plan to do everything I want to do. Keeping in mind that I have no control over anyone specific thing. It helps me to be flexible cause I stress less if I'm not as productive as I think I "should be". I am listing the days I plan to:

Blog - Monday or Tuesday, Thursday ( 2-3 times per week ;)
Workout - Monday, Wednesday & Friday (Stretching on off days)
Mentoring - Wednesday nights with Moms Life Ministry
Hang with friends - Tuesday, Thursday & Saturday
Rest/ Mommy time - At least 15 minutes per day every weekday & All Day Sunday

It has helped so much already and whatever happens to be left undone I will get to when the next week, God willing, rolls around. It helps me to feel like I am leaving no one out while still taking care of house, home & spending time with the hubs and my baby. I am even thinking of trying to get the hubs in on doing a date night at least 2x per month ;)

Now keep in mind this is an outline of a typical week for me, not something I rigidly live by. I have never been the type of person who embraces order but I find without it you are just asking for chaos. I still sit down to right my plans for the day (at night)- cause you can only plan for so much as a mom. I am also still receiving interviews in order to launch my Inspiring mom interviews - which will launch on February 2nd!!! Yay! As well as continuing to sketch for my collection and I even have an upcoming photo shoot!!! So it seems I am on track FINALLY!!! My only wish is that I would have implemented such simple things sooner. Hindsight is 20/20.

So with that said, I leave you with the wise words from... ummm...lol I don''t know but whoever he is he was wise for saying: Preparation + Opportunity = Success!

My hope is that we are all successful in whatever capacity God has given us to be successful in! Motherhood, Marriage, Business, Health, Finances! Let's get prepared together ladies. If you have any suggestions or tips, always feel free to share. You never know who may need to hear what you have to say to make their day a little easier.

Don't forget to take care of you!

- Just a thought...

Pics courtesy of Candace Sheppard, JCS Events

Monday, January 18, 2010

I live for....

days like today. I woke up this morning - after getting some real sleep, which I never do - well rested and energized. The munchkin was occupied watching cartoons when the hubs came home early unexpectedly! It was a nice surprise, even my daughter was squealing with laughter & excitement. He stayed for a bit ( he came home for a break before a staff meeting, he works 5 min. away) and we talked for a while he even made us both pancakes and eggs. It was sooo good. Bonus? I didn't have to cook! Gotta love that man!!!

I live for days like today because they are just so easy... there is no where to go and nothing to do. Scratch that, there is always something to do... laundry, dishes (after the hubs left) and I could go on and on lol! What I love about days like this are the unexpected things that switch up the crazy but mundane routine of "getting through the day". I am learning that while having a plan is great, the unknown & unexpected things that greet you during the day can be enjoyed equally as well. Don't get me wrong I am not forsaking the plan, just easing into it while making it a part of my lifestyle. I am still being very productive- only thing I have been neglecting now is my sewing :( I have a series of sketches together and a dress form just waiting to be draped but no time to do it. I think every week I am going to actively put one of the "juggling balls" down so I can focus on something really needing my attention... bye bye to being overwhelmed... or so I think lol.

This past week was unusually crazy as far as time was. It seemed to have really grabbed a hold of me and what's important. My husband is Haitian and so you can imagine how devastating the news of the earthquake was. My poor mother in law is really suffering, family is over there and still are yet to be found. There is nothing like devastation to snap you out of your small little world and wake you up to reality. I am seeing in an instant how quickly things can change for us and finding the value in every second of every minute of every day. I will continue to hold onto "my plans" however I will guard my time spent with the ones that I love fiercely. It is amazing how reality forces you to truly evaluate where you stand in your life and if you are really pursuing whats important. If the sewing and fashion show or any of my plans never pan out, I will not be broken over it because I intentionally lived for the every moment and the days like this.

My husband is the King of planning - trust me... he is a stickler lol but he is so right. I don't know where he got this quote from but I had to share it with you all.

"Time is the coin of life. Prayerfully determine how you will spend it, lest you let other people spend it for you."

I don't know about you... but I don't want anyone spending anything of mine. Money, time or not. Be sure to send a little extra love to those you love today including yourself and be sure to take care of you while the time is one your side. I know it is hard to do but so is anything worth having ;)

- Just a thought....

All of my love & prayers to the families of Haiti, you are loved. If you can do anything to help, do it. Just be sure it's with a reputable organization.

pics courtesy of ycheng.wordpress.com

Wednesday, January 13, 2010

Just when I thought....

I was finally getting a handle on planning out my days and scheduling my time, it's like every obstacle I could possibly face is out to get me! I was just saying how I was going to blog 2-3 times per week here it is exactly one week later and I have yet to do a new post. Is it just me or do you ladies know what I'm talking about?

Every time I go to sit at the computer... or do anything else for that matter, something goes wrong. Something is burning in the kitchen, my daughter starts calling me because she's hungry or has to go potty, it's always something. I guess that's the name of the game when mom becomes part of your "job" description ;)

Well anyhoo, I just could not let another day go by without posting an update on my new lifestyle changes. While I may not be as successful with my blogging :/ I certainly can say that I've been successful with everything else I set out to do. Every night I sit down to to write down a plan of sorts for the next day. It helps because I'm no longer running aimlessly but if I miss one or two things on the list, I can smile because just about everything else has gotten done! I also can roll it over to the next day and I find I'm much more peaceful & productive. Brownie points for me!

I'm still working on doing a fashion show... just slowly. I find that pacing myself for when the timing is just right will allow me to be more creative. So I've decided that in the mean time I would sell some of my wares through my Etsy store, so I can keep that hope of doing a show alive and STILL be creative.

The other goal I'm working on is to re-launch my inspiring moms interviews - I have to gather a few more posts so I'm more consistent this time around - don't be surprised if you get the next call for one ;) I have a few already lined up and ready to go and I know it's going to be awesome. Should you know of any inspiring moms that you would love to recommend for interviewing send me a line! We all need the encouragement and it's a great way to keep us all connected. Here's an example of one of the previous interviews I did. (Leave a comment and let me know if you enjoy such posts)

Having a plan is awesome because it keeps you focused but it allows you to be flexible, so if you miss something you don't have to give up. You just keep pressing until you get there.

As for my take care of you initiative, what I've been planning with my husband is to reach out to certain sponsors in an effort to be a blessing to moms. I want to remind them to care for themselves more often so they can love their loved ones a little more and be refreshed. We recently created a list of companies and are systematically reaching out to them to support what we have in mind - very excited about that! There's more to come... now in the mean time, I am determining to start a revolution of my own and really focus on taking better care of my body. I started with taking doing some yoga to relieve my stress and it is helping so much. I walk away every time so refreshed!!! I didn't have the money for classes but realized that my On Demand Cable allows me to view exercise & fitness videos free! Where there's a will to get better there's always a way! So I've been using what I have to get where I want. God is soooo cool! He provides.

So while I may not be keeping all the balls in the air, I don't have to beat myself up. I can remain positive and only hope that all of the really important things are taken care of - like me, the hubs and my little peanut.

Family pic Central Park '07

Let that encourage you today, no matter where you find yourself in your list of things to do, just be proud you are doing something to better you & your family.

- Just a thought.... and while you're thinking about that remember to take care of you!

P.S. When you think of Haiti pray! All of my love to those who are suffering with the loss of loved ones...

pics courtesy of joanrivers.com & breastenhancementreport.com

Tuesday, January 5, 2010

No resolutions...

Just lifestyle changes.

Happy New year to all of you lovelies. The holidays went by so fast this year and can you believe it, we're about one week into 2010! There is just so much to talk about and tell you all. My trip to NYC was fantastic! My little peanut had a chance to enjoy all or her cousins, grandparents, aunts, uncles, you name it. She was so sad to leave now all she does is ask for her Abuela (grandmother) and to get on the plane with the video (JetBlue). *Sigh* It was fun while it lasted. Here are some pics:

I don't know about ya'll but when i get on a plane i take it serious!!! Lol!

Me, Leia and my grandmother - She's such a beautiful person and woman. I miss her already :(

Leia with all of the kids. They had so much fun this day.

Leia on Christmas day - her first real Christmas! She got this baby doll and was beaming!!! The picture doesn't do her initial reaction justice. Too cute!

We had a blast and I could not have asked God for more! Family, good food and presents? You can't beat it. Since I left my beloved home away from home I have had much time - like most of us to reflect. I am not now nor have I ever been one to create resolutions each year. I don't knock anyone else I just think it's a temporary solution to a "problem" when I don't need to be "fixed". I personally feel it's better to incorporate the change I want into my lifestyle and then the results I am looking for last.

So as a result of my reflection there are several things I want to incorporate into my lifestyle to see more change for the better.

Setting more realistic goals & not being afraid to attain them. I find that I am more willing to try new things and to push myself to take more calculated risks. Nothing wrong with a little more planning even while risk taking right? Don't wanna jump without a parachute.

In order to set & view my goals, I am taking time to write down the things I want to attain and the things I feel are impossible to achieve. God blows me away every time just when I think something is impossible & I submit it to Him, He comes through. Like that NYC Trip for Christmas. The hubs and I kept saying that we wouldn't go to New York and spend what we didn't have unless God blessed us... and He came through in a BIG way! three round trip tickets and one week before Christmas no less. HE. IS. AWESOME!

I am also taking steps with my daily plans now so I can see my goals for the future attained. Can you say Fashion show, hint hint ;) budgeting my finances, selecting venues, models, photographers, the whole nine yards. Something I never would have done I am challenging myself to do now and it is invigorating. Same goes with the munchkin, sadly she will be going to school soon, so I am saving money and looking for scholarships now so it's a breeze when then comes.

A couple of other goals quickly:

- to launch my take care of you initiative for moms... more on this later ;)
- to blog more consistently 2 -3 times a week instead of everyday is more realistic for me
- to re-launch my Aww... Inspiring Moms Interviews - we all need the support, tips and advice from those we find inspiring and who better than other moms to look to?

Enough said! ( I did ramble today) I am fired up and I cannot wait to take the remainder of 2010 by the reigns and ride this roller coaster called life out. Here's to a better me for 2010.

Don't forget to take care of you!

- Just a thought...

Tuesday, December 15, 2009

A total warm your heart moment.....

Ok so I mentioned before in one of my previous posts about the Potty Wars going on over here, lol but I just had to announce that my lil peanut has FINALLY overcome her fear of the toilet, a.k.a. the "Big Girl" potty as she now calls it.

It has been heaven! While I still have to wipe her little tushy, I don't have to clean the potty anymore! You guys have to happy dance with me. Anyhoo, just the other day as I was in the middle of... ahem... cleaning her up, we did the potty song, clapped and danced and when she jumped down to get cleaned up she turned with those big eyes and said " Thank you mommy for wiping my booty." It nearly brought tears to my eyes. Afterward I had to laugh a little cause it was so funny to hear her say booty but it was such a tender moment because who likes to clean "dirty tushy's"? So often I hate to have to do those things but for her to say thank you had me over the moon.

I. Really. Love. My. Baby. Girl.

Even though she's not a baby anymore. I had to hug her and say thank you for thanking mommy afterward. Thank God for children and their pure hearts. I hope that makes you smile.

- Just a story,


Wednesday, December 9, 2009


SHOPPING! I don't mind the ridiculous lines, the nasty cashier attitudes, the lack of good sales.... yeah right! LOL I had you there for a second! It doesn't bother me as much as others but I have had a moment of standing in line with twisted lips as my arm is gettin' ready to fall off cause all of the carts are gone and somebody just cut me in line and you. know. the. deal.

pic courtesy of smh.com

I just really enjoy the spirit of joy in the air. It is sooooo refreshing, in spite of the buying craze going on with everyone else. Iit truly is a very calming & reflective time of year for me. I have mentioned before that my family is all in NYC, which is widely known for the Christmas season - Snow, Rockefeller Center - and that I currently reside in sunny south Florida. I had resolved in my mind that once again I was not going to see my family this year, but God had a plan!

On Monday, my husband came home early from work and gave me a card all while saying it was a Christmas gift he was giving early and not to get excited cause it was "corny". So I gladly opened it, cause I love all his gifts, to find some papers folded inside of a Christmas card. He's smiling so I'm thinking, ok... either he's being silly or plotting to take over the world.... starting with me. So I open the papers and there it is..... THREE BOOKED TICKETS TO NYC!!! That an anonymous giver paid for us!!!! (The hubs works in radio, so it was a total God thing how it happened, we don't have that kind of cash)

I was so excited that I sobbed for t least 10 minutes. I haven't seen my family since my daughter was a year and a half( She's now three) I just had to share that with you all because we get so caught up in the hustle & bustle that we often miss the little miracles God leaves us along the way. He really does love and care about us and the deepest longings and desires in our hearts. For me, it was just to spend that time with my family. My hope is that you find the blessings & miracles in your life be it small or great. Especially the little miracles you have running circles around you! ;)

My plan while we are away is to get lots of take care of "me time" and maybe even a lil shopping here & there... he he. I hope you get a moment of time to reflect on you & yours this year. Especially to take care of you ;) !

Merry Christmas!

- Just a thought...

P.S... How can I receive and not be willing to give just the same? I will be running a sale in My Online Shop on Etsy from Thurs. Dec. 10 - Mon. Dec. 14 for 15 % of all items in my entire store! No lines, no nasty attitudes and great customer service from one of your fellow moms...who can beat that?

Tuesday, December 1, 2009

Hope you all

had an awesome Thanksgiving! I didn't get to wish anyone a happy one last week cause I was so absorbed in preparing to shop & cook for the family. We had a great time! All of my in-laws came over (my family is still in New York) we cooked up a storm and ate til' we all almost burst.

The best part was retiring my cooking pans after the fact - I didn't have to cook anything not even breakfast. Thank God for instant oatmeal. While I would like to say I took a load off with the free time I had from not having to cook, I didn't cause I have been sewing like a mad woman. I finally decided to open my own Etsy shop and it seems to be doing well so far. In the mean time I'm getting into gear for Christmas! I. LOVE. IT. I'm already plotting to go get my tree & hit up the dollar store for decorations ( yes, I said the dollar store...If you didn't know check it out) I'm am a bargain diva. Who's to say you can't decorate beautifully with cheap...umm.. I'm mean inexpensive decor? LOL

Anyhoo, I just wanted to drop a hello to all of you wonderful mommies out there and say thank you for visiting, listening, watching and laughing with me throughout the past few months. I am truly thankful.

- Just a thought....