Tuesday, September 8, 2009

I hate being.....

SICK!!! Nothing like not being able to breathe to add some extra crank to your day.

Anyhoo, At least my baby girl is doing well. She had a fever and you know how it is when you are caring for a sick baby. Tears, kicking and screaming - only thing is that was me this time around ... not my daughter. What? You don't think us moms throw tantrums too?

Like I was saying, After hours of waking up for medicine doses, Cradling her and rocking her back to sleep, I woke up with a faint scratchy feeling and surely after another two days of helping her get better a full blown, cant eat, cant breathe, cant sleep cold. It has been a while in between this one and the last and you know how it is when you are reminded that cold and flu season is coming!

So....to all of the mommies out there caring for lil sick ones or yourself I have some extra tissue if you need any. Just let me know!

Be sure to take care of you- sick or not.

- Just a thought....


Cyndi said...

That stinks. Hope you feel better soon!