Tuesday, June 30, 2009

I absolutely....

love Cheeseburgers. Just the thought of one dripping in cheese, grease and ketchup makes my mouth water. The feeling is mutual for chocolate as well.

TOO BAD I CAN"T EAT ANY OF THIS!!!! So sorry I had an outburst there, back to what I was saying... Yes sadly I can no longer eat these things - messes with the blood sugar. I never dreamed in a million years that I would have to deny my self my first two loves - Chocolate & cheeseburgers - how funny that they both start with C, for Candace and C for Can't have, lol... OK I'll stop.. anyways, you may be asking yourself why cant she have these? Even on occasion? Well it's a long story but to spare you the yawn I'll keep it short.

Months ago I was in what I was in a state of "ignorant bliss". I was nursing my daughter, running a full time event planning business I own and holding down the "events" happening in my home - scheduled and unscheduled - not excluding poop and kitchen clean up detail. I also was eating HORRIBLY! Now those of you moms who nursed your children know that not eating well while nursing is a cardinal sin. Well in spite of this knowledge that I" had" but wasn't "applying for wisdom" I was continuing to tax my body on a DAILY basis. Eating whatever I could get my hands on - cheeseburgers, chicken, chocolate - sometimes 3 bars in a day - yes I know WOW - that's a lot and everything in between. This picture at right was me - on a daily basis lol. I can laugh now but it wasn't funny then.

Now I had "changed my diet" years before to all organic however it wasn't quality that was my problem it was quantity. I had (yeah right, have) a portion control problem. I would be walking around with headaches because I wasn't eating enough and a sugar - I mean chocolate bar was just enough to give me the "fix" I needed for my headaches and to "keep" me going. Little did I know....

This continued for months until the week of my daughter's second birthday. I'll never forget it. I come home late after a meeting with another bride, the house was a mess and there was no food left out for my by the hubs. I silently cursed him, lol, and proceeded to the fridge to see what I could find. Organic milk and cereal was the only option - but something told me that the milk had been sitting in the fridge a little too long. In spite of this, I proceeded to eat & drink because "I was nursing" and didn't want to go to bed hungry. * Side note - If I had been in my "right" mind I wouldn't have even touched questionable milk for that very reason. * Anyways, I ate and drank and was not merry. As I was wrapping gifts for her birthday party, at mind you 11:30 at night, I started to feel sweaty and "weird". I stood up and the room began to spin - ran into the bedroom - for a last chance attempt to feel better by lying down and it only got worse. I felt as if I was losing my mind. Long story short, I was extremely sick and after the first 2 weeks wasn't getting better - here I am 8 months later and much still hasn't changed. No matter how many emergency room, hospital and doctors visits I've had. I don't know if i will ever wake up to be the same woman I once was physically. Caring for my lil' peanut is no easier either - hence the extreme importance of my "ME time".

Why do I tell you this? Because I want every mom to not have to suffer like I am. I want you all to know that living - while hanging on by a thread- is not living at all - it is existing. I want all the moms I come into contact with to know how valuable it is for them to care for themselves just as much as everyone else they look after. Most of all, I want all of us to feel fabulous and wonderful not just on the outside but most certainly on the inside. Where it matters most. That said, it is important for you to take care of yourself when it comes to your diet and beware if you don't control yourself now, some circumstance may end up controlling not just your diet but all of you, your health and ultimately your life. Resolve in your heart & mind to eat healthier not just for you but the little versions of you running around your home. Don't beat yourself up but don't lose control either - you can indulge and enjoy it. As a matter of fact enjoy it for me! You'll truly look and FEEL fabulous in the end.

Just a thought....

Monday, June 29, 2009

We did it, we did it, we did it....

Yay! Lo hicimo we did it! Dora was definitely in mind when I finally fixed the problem I was having lol.

I was FREAKIN' out trying to figure out how to fix the comment box "issues" on my blog. Don't you hate stuff like that? It's like one more thing on the "I have to fix but am gonna stress trying to figure out how to" list. Among all of the other madness happening in my house, my one outlet to "Normal People" in the real world had been cut off. Thanks for the tip Melinda & Ana! and thank you God for helping me keep from blowin' my top in the midst of it.

Do you ever come across things that just drive you "batty"? or is it just me.....

Friday, June 26, 2009

Not to be....

dismissive in any way, cause there are more important things goin' on. I just had to write about continuing to find our most fabulous selves cause it too is important, to me at least. A conversation I had with my friend struck me hard when I went over to see her a few weeks ago. The conversation went a lil' like this:

Me: Hi honey! How are you --Yada, yada, yada

Friend: Oh I'm ok... you look great .. as usual.

Me: Thanks! I just threw this and my sneaks on and left to come see you.

Friend: I wish I could look like that after "throwing" something on. I always look like a mess.

Me: (background sounds - Cricket, cricket......) well, hun, you can do this! and I can show you how.....

All of which lead me to my last post (sans MJ) about being fabulous and this post about how to organize yourself & do it. It's all in the preparation...

I mentioned before that I would be posting on some fun ways to organize your wardrobe. I wouldn't be a great friend - I would seem more like a know it all- if I suggested what to do and not how to do it. I've seen many shows that tell what they think we should be wearing but don't "know" what it is to be in the shoes of a mom. Sooooo.. That said here's my idea of a "mom's" wardrobe essentials:

1. A great fitting pair of Jeans - Yes they are key as they will most likely be your uniform throughout your days of back breaking & running red faced after your kids. Not only that but jeans - with the right cut - are the most versatile and flattering with all of your wardrobe. You can dress them up with some sexy heels or down with casual flats- either way they just work. Now when i say great fit & cut - I don't mean the ones that make us look like muffin tops or the kind that are brazilian cut, "painted" on & show your "plumbers" butt.

I mean a pair that are a nice even wash (dark is great), straight leg - not tapered- and with a natural waist or high waist if you have a tummy to conceal like me. I hate to wear tummy constricting, I mean control undies so I shop for a natural or high waisted jean to conceal like nobody' s business. Bottom line, you should feel & look fantastic in them no matter what!

2. A variety of Camisoles & Tank Tops - Tanks are an essential cause you can layer them (be sure they're long enough) and they're easy to dash out in, in a hurry. Camisoles are great for when you want to dress things up a little more and still look effortless. Save those for the days your lil one doesn't have cheez doodle or chocolate stained hands. Best of all, they're cheap! Just don't buy anything though choose wisely. If you've got a little extra in your pockets these days try Yummie Tummie.

3. Blazers are great. I can't tell you how many times I've been out and about with my hubby and needed to meet and greet with whomever and that blazer sitting in the car is my saving grace - besides - Jesus, lol. They come in every color, style & fabric you can think of depending on the climate & area you live in and again they are extremely versatile. Yo can easily dress them up or down or take it off when a more casual environment is upon you. Don't just think of a heavy "suit blazer" try something in a light weight eyelet or if blazers are too stiff for you...

4. Cardigans are the way to go- just be sure the fabric is appropriate for the season. They also come in various weights, texture & colors, sometimes even some gorgeous prints. You can find them very inexpensive too if your savvy. 2 weeks ago I was at target and found 4 cardigans for $3.74 each! SCOREEEE!!!!

5. A well tailored Jacket is a sure fire way to "appear" put together even if everything else you have on underneath is a mess. A beautiful trench or a lightweight hip length pea coat are awesome. It will be the first thing everyone notices and the last thing they'll forget. Try something punchy & bold in a daring candy apple red or Kelly green. If it's not your thang, try a little something more traditional & neutral but make it personal by swapping out the belt for something more chic or edgy - depending on your style. I have plenty from lightweight cottons all the way through to tough leathers and they always do me justice when called upon. Neutrals like grey & black work with everything. Try some color though you may be surprised.

6. Skirts - which at one point I did not feel were my friends but have now become an ally in my wardrobe arsenal. I'm tall so it difficult to find some that aren't too short but there are all kinds of lengths that are perfect for all of us. Especially Pencil skirts and A- line skirts - they are flattering on anyone as long as they fit well - try not to go to tight though it will turn classy to ashy - my sisters know what I mean!

7. Easy, no fuss Cotton Dresses - I mean do I really have to say more? Slip it on, add your flats, grab a necklace & some bangles and you are out the door! Add a blouse underneath for more coverage or pair with a cardigan or throw on a blazer and bam three outfits in one - ya can't beat it! Just be sure it's comfortable - cause you can't be confident when you're uncomfortable.

8. Bermuda Shorts- Now generally they have a million names but I don't want you to take this one literally & look like a tacky tourist. I want you to be stylish and sophisticated. Sooo.. we'll call them walking shorts. They're perfect with the length hitting at just above the knee and they're fitted enough to add some style to a simple blouse. Bonus? You can run after your child in them and not get tripped up or flash anyone!

9. Button down shirts - Standard staple yes, but you can put a lil' twist on it by wearing one in a beautiful print - New York & Co. does some fantastic ones and very often has a great sale. If all else fails go to your basic white button down but for the more adventurous, try one in black - it will instantly inject "chic" into your life.

10. The holy grail of style - ACCESSORIES! Surely they are last but not least. You will be surprised but how an outfit or "look" will change with some perfectly placed accessories. A scarf here, bangles there, a pair of earrings and in an instant you've taken boring to B, E, A, Utiful! There are no rules, use your accessories to "personalize" your outfit. They can be used to express the attitude within that makes us all feel unique & beautiful at the same time. Give it a try , You might like it ..... remember the object isn't to look 'hollywood' it' s to look like your best version of ... who better? YOU!

With all of these essentials - you can go anywhere and do any thing in a flash cause you'll have the tools to "make it (and everything in your closet) work.
Some other brief advice when shopping:

- Before going out to shop, take inventory of what you have in your closet, so you don't come home with yet another red sweater. It will also help you find pieces for that shirt or skirt you have nothing to wear with.
- Shop on off days like Thursday when all of the mark downs have been taken and sales are beginning to be posted up.
- Save for the next semi- annual or seasonal sale - some of the pieces you were dying to have at full price will be slashed!
- Don't just shop for trends. Find a muse (a stylish friend or celebrity you admire) for inspiration and shop for what "reflects that style AND works for you!

- Just a thought.....

Time will teach.....

you a lesson every time.

I just finished posting on taking care of yourself & staying focused on the things that are important. Then came the news - Michael Jackson is dead. Naturally, I brushed it off thinking some idiot was just trying to play a really cruel joke on everyone. Then the flood of calls and e-mails came in. Then the hubs yells "Turn on the T.V.!

It's not a joke.... he's really gone.

It was as if someone punched me and knocked all of the wind out of me. Just a few months ago the hubby and I were sitting and watching some of his old performances and saying amongst ourselves that when he passes it will be a sad day, little did we know..... the only good to come out of this - if there is any to be found- is that it reminds us to draw near to the ones we love. He was someones little boy and it reminds me to hold on dear to my little girl. Time is not to be taken for granted - there is nothing that guarantees that either you or I will wake up tomorrow or even lie our heads down in our beds tonight. I say this not to scare anyone just to help us all remember to redeem the time we have NOW.

My hubby always tells me that death is the great equalizer - it does not discriminate, doesn't care if you are a celebrity or a mother or child. The crazy statistic is that 10 out of 10 people will die. It motivates me to put more effort into spending time doing the more important things, loving God, living to serve people and fulfilling my purpose in life. As a mom, wife, daughter, friend - all of the things that are the essence of who I am. I hope to be an example of love & kindness and have an impact on them like he has had an impact on me - AND. THE. WORLD.

- All my love to those who are troubled over this and my prayers to the family

Wednesday, June 24, 2009

Define Fabulous:

Extremely pleasing, extraordinary, exceedingly......

Do these things describe how you feel about yourself? I can say (just a few months ago) no, I felt anything but fabulous. I was blog hopping when I happened to come across yet another mom who was longing to be the fabulous woman she once was & feeling bad about it. WHYYYYY?????

It is hard for us to let go because for all those years that was all that we knew but we are chameleons. It's in our DNA, why else would God have made us the sole person responsible for the home if we didn't naturally have those adaptive qualities? It just makes sense.... but the key is not to long for the woman you were, its to "adapt" to your knew environment & reflect that change as a PART of who you are. Not EVERYTHING that makes you who you are.

What I'm talking about is balance....now I'm sure many of you are saying to yourself I understand but how do I "balance" when I don't know who I am anymore? Good question... who you are can never be lost cause it's always in you , it's a matter of having that AHA moment! That moment where you can declare this is who I am... now! A moment where you feel comfortable with embracing that: yes your life has changed AND that's okay cause you still have a grasp on who you are as a person AND as a mom. They have to exist in your mind simultaneously cause if you focus on one or the other too much you will lose sight of the big picture.

The big picture is this: There are many aspects of our being that make us who we are, as women, as daughters, as friends, as mothers, as wives and the list goes on & on. Now back to the point... fabulous is how we all should feel. Does that mean that we don't make mistakes? NO. Does that mean we are perfect? NO. However, it does mean that we can embrace who we are & enjoy the change it brings around us and the impact it will have on those closest to us. It is important for us to set an example by being an example. Nuff said! With that in mind, I cooked up some more tips for achieving that balance...

* Simplify your beauty regimen - How you feel on the inside will reflect on the outside ... whether you like it or not. When you look good you feel good so put a little more effort into your regimen - you can do a lot within 5 minutes. if you can change diapers lightning fast after 3 kids you can certainly do this in less than 5! Concealer, lip gloss & mascara will change your life. Forget the other stuff, chasing after your lil' ones will give you that "glow" that blush can't. If you are more dedicated or have more time, go for it honey! Add some blush and sweep on that smoky eye! Shout out to Renee - You help us all get our sexy back one flick of a lash at a time!

* Organize your wardrobe - Looking good as I mentioned before is a part of feeling good. No doubt about it. The issue for most of us is when we open our closets we have a hard to pieceing "outfits" together cause we don't have the basics. We routinely go shopping and say ohh I love that, buy it get home and darn! we have nothing to wear with it. Organize your casual clothing, dressy clothing and the pretty in betweens into separate sections. That way no matter what occassion - grocery shopping or dinner with the hubs - you gon' look put together girl! Wondering what basics you need? I'll have another post on that shortly - stay tuned.....

*Get your routine & schedule in check - As much as i HATE to say this... it is the truth. Making time slots for what you can "actually" do within a 24 hr. period outside of sleep & eat will help bring"calm" into your day. Whatever falls by the wayside - don't stress over just pray the sun will come up tomorrow and you'll have another opportunity. Some of what works for me is cooking all of the meals for the day during the morning hours after breakfast. It translates to more "free time" (if there is such a thing, lol) later on in the day or using leftovers helps too. It also helps me to regulate when I'll have some time to myself and to be sure I'm spending quality time with Leia just having fun. It doesn't have to be set in stone either - do what works for you. You know what you are capable of so....like Nike, just do it.

* Make sure you are on top of your health - Most of us know that health is wealth. I can personally testify - cause all the makeup & pretty clothes in the world don't help when I feel sick. Many of us feel worn out & tired because of our horrible eating habits. We eat junk food & fast food all day & then wonder why we feel lethargic & have no energy.... try to dedicate some of your time to adopting some new healthy recipes or eat a salad for a change. I love that new show - Cook Yourself thin- what an incentive - cook healthy great tasting food & lose weight? You can't beat that with a stick! Try a cereal bar versus a snicker bar lol or swap out the sweets for some sweet fruit. The name of the game is to swap not just starve.

Whatever you take a way replace with something healthy & tasty and you'll be happy. If you don't have the energy to try to help your self look better it could be because internally something is off and it's about time to make a change. Don't let time teach you a lesson - I've been there and believe me sittin' in that class is no fun. Besides if you aren't around to care for your loved ones...who will be? So keep that in mind next time you go all day workin' without eating.

* GET OUT! - Most of us are stuck in the: "Well I have no where to go" syndrome. Make plans to go somewhere - ANYWHERE! Sometimes I just get dressed cute of course with my lil' cutie pie in tow & we just go to the bookstore, library, park or to the mall. Just to get out and see things & people can have an effect on your well being. Believe me I have suffered these past 5 years. I left all that I knew & all those I loved to start a new life in FL and it was sooo lonely. I cried a lot and became depressed about it for YEARS but then I realized that even if I was to remain by myself , I couldn't allow the lack of companionship to keep me from living. AND NEITHER SHOULD YOU! I eventually found that if I was out & about that God would bring people into my midst by chance & some great relationships were built out of that. Don't limit yourself to the four walls of your home. You just never know who you may meet, encourage or set an example for.

- Just a "few" thoughts....

Ladies if you have any other examples or tricks that help you stay sane regarding health, beauty & wealth, email them to me at: candace@jcsevents.com. Shortly I'll be posting some videos!!! pray they come out well LOL! Take time for you... You deserve it!

Monday, June 22, 2009

Blog makeover!!!

I needed it...whew it was crazy though trying to find a decent template - I liked the one I had before but it just...wasn't me. So I settled until i found this one...whadda ya think?

By the way this will be the first of a few things being made over.... next week will be my first post for my new Mommy Makeover Series, chock full of inspiration, tips and tricks on how to care for & reflect the most fabulous & beautiful you. Stay tuned....

Now to back to our regularly scheduled programming.

There is nothing....

more frustrating than tying your own hands when you want to make progress.

I am the kind of person that loves to plan for things ahead of time. Anything involving a celebration, a party, no matter what you can name I LOVE to plan for it. But as my personality would have it I HATE to plan for anything that involves my finances. I would much rather live in the moment than listen to the voice of reason (or God's word) and save for the unexpected.

I recently got notice from my mom that all of my family is gathering in New York for a reunion come the fourth of July. ALL. OF. MY. FAMILY. I haven't seen some of them since I was about 14 years old and surely none of them have even met my husband or even seen a picture of my daughter. Now you know I was excited but that was quickly interrupted when reality hit me. I started to hear the twilight zone theme playing when I asked myself....

Do we have the money saved to make a last minute trip to No Money, I mean New York City?

Sadly, I heard my hubby tell me no we don't. I have tried to think of everything I could do to force the situation (and God's hand in many instances) so that we can go and nothing works. All I can hear echoing in my head is the verse:

Proverbs 21:5 The plans of the diligent lead surely to plenty, but those of everyone who is hasty, surely to poverty.

God's word does not come back void and surely He is no liar. My being hasty to spend has caused me to miss out on a once in a lifetime kind of opportunity cause God knows the last time we got together was for my Abuelita's funeral.... 11 years ago! What's crazy is knowing that the "unexpected" might come I still didn't save. I wasn't even considering the possibility of this or any opportunity being missed. Well the possibility is no more as it sadly has become my reality.

The only hope I can hold onto now is prayer that some how, some way God will make a way for me and if not that he'll give me the peace to surrender to the position I put myself in and Learn from it. I cannot stress the importance of preparing yourself - not just for everyday things like cooking & cleaning & whatever else it is you have to do but the important things like making time for yourself, friends & family. Even the unexpected - hurricanes, family losses, I mean you you name it - if you're caught with your drawers down you'll be embarrassed every time (Pardon my language). The truth is that even though we live like tomorrow is promised, it isn't and when it comes down to it the only thing that matters is time well spent with the ones you love. Including you.

Be sure to make a little time to prepared for the "unexpected"that can surely be expected to come your way and in between that take some time for you. I'm off to enjoy at least that much.....LOL... *sigh*

Just a thought....

Wednesday, June 17, 2009

10 honest things.....

about me? You sure you want to hear this?.... LOL

I was tagged by the lovely Nori and Yay! got another award of sorts - Check it out.

The rules are I'm supposed to list 10 things about myself that are true, (wink, wink) stuff not that many people know about and tag five other lovelies. So here I Go......

1. I am a mutt - Si, Yo soy Puertorriquena (Translation: I am Puerto rican) I grew up on the boriqua side of my family (Mi Madre) and loved every minute of it! My dad on the other hand is Jamaican &West Indian... Who would've thought? I can hear the parade now.. Que bonita bandera, Que bonita bandera, Que bonita bandera...La bandera Puertorriquena!

2. I have never been to Puerto Rico even though practically all of my family has but our family there still writes to us. I'm hoping my hubby will happen to come across this post Hint Hint ;)

3. I am secretly - not so anymore now that I'm writing it here- working on a clothing line for lil' kiddies.

4. If i said it before... oh well - I love fashion it's second only to my family & friends.

5. I haven't mentioned it before but the last 9 months has been very traumatic for me as I have been very sick. A bad case of food poisoning revealed some health issues and slowly but surely I am dealing with them and getting healthier day by day. Thank you Jesus! Hence... it was the other reason for slowing my event planning business & picking up sewing again.

6.I am a magazine FREAK!!!I love & will read anything on a glossy page - fashion, sewing, cooking, Doesn't matter!

7. I also have a sharp memory but in many instances I am POSITIVE it is a curse LOL! Forgiveness is not a four letter word like love - pray for me ya'll. LOL!

8. I recently chopped allof my hair off - all my beautiful curls *sigh* but I love the funky & edgy new me. I had to after I got sick - I couldn't take care of it so it started to look bad... and you know we have to at least try to look good.

9. I am blessed with several talents - keeping my home clean is not one of them but i can do a lil' of everything. I can sew, design, draw, style hair, apply makeup, paint, color by number, you name it... not tryin' to brag just tellin it like it is.

10. It makes me very sad to see moms lose their identity in an effort to care for their families. Yes, being a mom is part of our God given purpose but it is just one aspect of our entire being who makes us who we are. That's why I tell you all it's soooo important to take care of you not just some days but everyday. Other wise you will lose you in the process of loving them. Trust me I've been there and done that and I've resolved that loving me is just as important as loving others.

Give yourself some love today, I promise you even everyone around you will feel it.

- Just a thought....

Five other lovelies I'm tagging:(don't' feel obligated cause I tagged you just have fun!)

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Monday, June 15, 2009

And the winner is.....

Me! I am so flattered I got my first award from my the oh so fabulous Iva. Thanks Iva !!!!It pays to be a good friend and let me tell you those are hard to find these days. Big hug to you Iva and you ladies reading take one for you too.

"This award is bestowed on to blogs that are exceedingly charming. These kind bloggers aim to find and be friends. They are not interested in self-aggrandizement. Our hope is that when the ribbons of these prizes are cut, even more friendships are propagated. Please give more attention to these writers. Deliver this award to eight bloggers who must choose eight more and include this cleverly-written text into the body of their award."

I pass this award on to the following eight lovies:

Cyndi of So much more than a mom - my soul mate LOL!
Renee of Cutie Booty cakes - who's little one is indeed a cutie!
Melinda at Coming clean - who reminds me that it's okay to be imperfect me cause God's got me!
Nori at This casual life - who is my Shero and holds it down at home no matter if she gets me time or not!
Supermom at The adventures of supermom - who reminds me silence is golden LOL
Akilah at Execumama - who reminds me that you can still "work it" and be a good mom
Jaime at It's a jaime thing - who fosters my love for all things wedding
Z' Hodges at Three princesses & a prince - who reminds me to stay focused in the Lord

You are all fabulous in my eyes!

I know I could've gone on forever but it said only eight but I'm giving out another one - cause I can! That's to Iva thank you again for reminding me of the importance of friendship & supporting one another. Ladies follow her cue & support your friends too! I couldn't help the rhyming there...

Do something special for a good friend of yours today she'll definitely appreciate it! and be sure to TAKE TIME FOR YOU!

- Just a thought....

Thursday, June 11, 2009

10 signs that tell you...

when your "me time" is interfering with more important duties.

1. When you wake up in the morning, make breakfast, get to the table and realize that the plates from last night's dinner are still there. FOOD. AND. ALL.

2. When you take a picture to post on your blog & realize the spot you're standing shows how dirty your floors are.

3.When you go into your cabinets or drawers looking for utensils & plates and realize there is nothing in there because everything is dirty & STILL in the sink.

4. When you go to lay the baby down for a nap and realize you can't cause the bed is covered with all of your unfolded laundry.

5. When you put something to heat in the oven and realize your kitchen is filled with smoke - cause you haven't cleaned the bottom since the last time you entertained for dinner.

6. When you go to put your baby in the tub - to get them clean - and realize the tub itself needs to be cleaned.

7. When you go to look at yourself in the mirror in the A.M. (ANNOYING MORNING) and can't see cause it needs to be wiped down.

8. When you start to sing the clean up song for your toddler & they look around confused cause they don't know where to start.

9. When you go to clean up your child's room & lose them in the process.

10. When you think to yourself, when was the last time I had absolutely nothing to clean? Okay, okay, so... the last one is definitely a long shot when you have kids but I was on a roll huh?

Can I get an AMEN?!!! LOL Just a lil' joke to make you smile! I love to make time for me but lately I noticed I have so much me time that ain't nothing else being cared for around here( or at least not the way I think it should.) I am exaggerating quite a bit cause I do maintain but I would prefer to have all of my time to myself and my lil' peanut.

You supermoms out there that can balance it all I commend you. But as for me & my house well... as you can see (or previously read) that's a whole nother' story. Isn't balance difficult?

What aspects of your lives do you find hard to balance?

Be sure to take time to try to find the balance between the Have To's and the I Wants throughout the day or else you might end up just like me, making a list & checking it twice. LOL

- just a lil' thought.......

Monday, June 8, 2009


How I love you baby girl.

I love ....

how you wake up smiling & say
when you come running for a hug.
how excited you are to sit down & color pictures with me.
to hear you say to daddy - while hugging me"that's my mommy!"

to watch you eat & listen to you hum when something tastes soooo good.
to listen to you try to pray over your food.
seeing your eyes light up & watch you go running to the door when you hear daddy is coming .
listening to you sing along with Mary Mary in the car.

watching you spin & twirl in a new frilly dress.
having you climb on my lap to sit with me and watch Cinderella, for the 100th time that day.
to see you sing worship songs - loud - at church.
when you come running to me to kiss a boo boo & wipe your face

hearing you call for me " Come mommy, Let's go!"
watching you snatch cookies & cereal - when you think I'm not watching, waiting or looking.
how hard you try to explain something to me in your gibberish.
the sound of your laugh while we're playing.

when you type while I'm trying to blog. LOL
to see you dance when Sesame Street comes on.
watching you do the "pee pee in the potty" dance.
to see you pretend to read my books.
when you want to help me cook or bake.

to watch your lips curl when you smile wide.
the shape of your face.
the curl in your beautiful hair.
the flecks of gold & amber in your eyes.
the dimple in your right cheek.

the feel of your hands touching my face.
the feeling that overcomes me when you squeeze me tightly around my neck.
feeling my heart melt when you kiss me.
watching you grow & learn - even though my heart aches to see my baby isn't a baby anymore.

Oh.... how I love all of you... and I hope you love me too.

Been away.....

for a couple of days. Over this past weekend I had the pleasure of coordinating a wedding for my clients Kerry-Ann Stewart & Robert McDonald. If you're saying to yourself - Clients? What does she mean by that? Well I haven't gone into details before but I also coordinate weddings aside from being a "Pro" SAHM. It became a business after me & my honey planned our own wedding, only I've intentionally slowed things down since I had my lil' peanut. It's awesome because I have the freedom to take on as much or as little work as I want.

Preparing for the wedding was what kept the computer & blogging at bay for me. I was out doing my favorite thing of all - SHOPPING! I had to find a dress & shoes that were both formal & professional. I think I did a Fabulous job! How well do you think I did ladies? I spent some well deserved "me time" getting pampered- nails done, toes done, the whole she bang - and I'm glad I did cause my dawgs were barkin' after doing all that walking in heels. (Translation: My feet were hurtin' ya'll...HURTIN' - not even hurting! LOL)

I found the dress at Charlotte Russe - $35.00 and the shoes at Famous Footwear for $ $34.00, by the way they were having a buy one get one 50% off sale and I snagged these awesome slippers from Dr. Scholls for me to work in after the wedding ceremony. They were only $12.50!!! You know I was happy - Dress - $35.00, Shoes - $34.00, looking good for less... PRICELESS!!! LOL I'm sorry ladies - I love that MasterCard commercial & I just couldn't help myself.

Outside of having fun shopping last week, this wedding was hands down one of the best & most fun I have ever planned! The bride was a vision & the groom was sharp! They were the easiest couple to work with and very gracious, they always said thank you & I am going to miss them terribly. I was most blown away by their patience though, it was unlike anything I had ever seen. They were patient for 9 years - while they each completed college & started their careers- got all of their "ducks" in order & then got married. Isn't that awesome? How many of us are that methodical about our decision making? I know I am not but they were definitely a great example of how we can apply the truth of patience & determination to all aspects of our lives even as moms.

The also reminded me that Love is patient. I hope & pray that the next time my peanut( or my hubby) is driving me crazy that I will remember their example & be an example myself. I'm sure you all will too.

- Just a thought...

Wednesday, June 3, 2009

What is your...

Passion? Certainly mine is fashion - Can't help the rhyming there so bear with me. I didn't have very many posts this weekend cause I was out & about for a change. I think I might have gone a little overboard but it's nice to indulge- especially with all the budget cuts goin' on around this joint.(Translation: In my home, financially speaking, We ain't got it!)

As I was saying, I got the chance to splurge on my first love... fabric! Now that may not mean much to those of you who don't sew but boy to me it's the equivalent of a shopping spree at your fav department store. I bought some beautiful "silks" - cause the quality stuff is expensive, a few linens - cause it's HOT here in FL and some beautiful denim - which i hope to whip into some skinny jeans that will help me get my sexy back. Now how long it will take me to  get sexy back?....that's another post. I hope it's soon though!I'll post some of my creations later on.

In no way am I saying that I look as terrible as the bottom of someones shoe but we all know that we need a little help sometimes. While I would like to pretend that I am in shape & look as good as other svelte moms out there... sadly i don't. My honey has taken to calling me the jack of all trades, master of none. Which in part is true, I can do a lil' bit of everything- like most moms-but the one thing I have become a master at is: Disguise! I have been struggling with this kangaroo pouch i have swingin' from my waist since I had my lil' peanut. Now most moms will nod their head in agreement with me and *sigh*... my issue though isn't just my pouch, it's that the rest of me has gone back down to my "normal" size. So often while out - before I became a master of disguise- I would get asked: Are you pregnant?, When are you due? and what are you going to have? - 2 years after I had my daughter!!!!!!!!

So you can imagine as much as I love fashion, it is hard to look at all of the moms out there who "seem" to have it all together in the physical department. After a while (and I mean a longggg time) I just got sick and tired to holding myself up to this ridiculous standard and adopted my new motto: It's not what you have, it's how you make it work! I let go of all my crazy  ideals and dedicated myself to taking care of me - inside & out. I wanted how I felt on the inside to be reflected on the out so instead of obsessing over my pouch I learned to make it "disappear". At least until my workout regime really kicks in. 

I traded my ill fitting pre- baby blouses for fashionable tunics, swapped out air constricting corsets for pretty waist cinching/pouch covering belts and traded my low rise jeans for trendy high waisted "skinny" jeans. And Lo & behold, I discovered you really can make it work. So thank you Tim Gunn - you truly are an inspiration! I will continue to make it work! Now if i had it my way, I would just order possibly the greatest invention ever - the tanks & tops from Yummie Tummie. But who has $60 - 70 to blow for a blouse? I could be using that money to put food in my fridge or to buy fabric and make my own! I like the last alternative.

Sometimes as moms, we convince ourselves that if we can't get back to "where we were" that we aren't worthy of love & care or (you fill in the blank). But i find that to be the farthest from the truth! Life is about constant change - even when we least expect it. It's about recognizing that when change comes it will - to some degree - reinvent who we are. Often the challenges that come with change force us to grow & become better, more well rounded people. With that in mind, it reminds me that everyday i must make the most of who I am in Christ. What does that mean for me? Everyday I will make an effort to find out but just for today it means that I am enough & valuable to Him if nobody else in this world thinks so. 

I think we all should feel like we are enough just as we are while remembering that God loves us too much to leave us that way. I think He places change- sometimes seeming good & bad -  in our lives to make us better. Embrace the changes that make you who you are today and be sure to care for the lovable parts of you with the not so lovable parts of you. All of you is worth it!

- Just a thought...

Monday, June 1, 2009

Ok Soooo......

I know I am always talking about making time for yourself right?? Well, I went to visit a good friend of mine and we started to talk about the struggle to find time for ourselves. Naturally, I am determined to make time to do something fun for me but my friend said something that blew me away. She said, the problem isn't that I can't find the time, it's that I don't know what to do with myself. So I did some research and decided to list a few things to do with your "me time".

1. Stop. Even if you only have 2.5 seconds til' you hear the next scream or change another dirty diaper, take 30 - 60 seconds just to Stop, Breathe &  Refocus. My mother loves to call it Relax, Relate, Release. You will be surprised how refreshed you feel afterward.

2. Read a book. Not just any old book you can find - but something that truly interests you . For me, hands down, it's magazines especially. It's convenient cause the articles are short & I can see pictures of other things besides diapers & dishes. If you hate to read... write, in your journal, on your blog, on the walls with your kids..LOL wherever you can to release & analyze how you are feeling & adjust your perspective of the day.

3. Take on a hobby. Listen ladies, I know especially if you're a single mom that this can be EXTREMELY difficult but make the time for you or time will teach you a lesson once you're too burned out to go on. There are a million classes & groups for everything from sewing, to running, to art, learning a new language, everything imaginable. It will quench your thirst for interaction with new people & stimulate your mind all at the same time. If you have a hard time finding something try Meetup. All you do is enter your interest, your zip code & bam! a long listing for you to choose from. How easy is that? If you can't get alone try a mommy & me class.

4. Get out of your rut! Do something out of the ordinary & veer away (not to far away) from your "typical" schedule. Just try not to overwhelm your kids cause when they are done they will overwhelm you! Plan the day and get out. Sometimes just going for a short walk around the neighborhood for some fresh air is refreshing for you and the kids. I can't tell you how many times Leia was crying, cranky & fussy and I just whip on some clothes and run out the door and she is instantly calmed but the change of scenery. Give it a shot, you may be surprised.

5. Get pretty! I mean it, put on a decent outfit....you know your husband is tired of seein' you in his boxers & tanks. LOL! It doesn't have to be snazzy or for dinner just easily put together. Comb your hair into a quick fire style, put on your favorite pair of jeans, a cute little tank and accessorize! Earrings, bangles, necklaces and those fly (Translation: chic) pair of shoes you have hiding in your closet (don't worry if your toes aren't done- He won't care) throw on lip gloss & mascara and you'll be good to go!It may light the fire that's been out between you & your honey! There is a whole list of fringe benefits that come from there, that I don't even need to list them! LOL! You also may be setting an example for another mom - showing her that looking good on the outside does make you feel better on the inside. 

Last but certainly not least, is to get connected- not just with some "spirit" or with your girlfriends but God. I didn't number this tip because God shouldn't be out on a list. If he is, he can easily be passed, skipped over or forgotten. We all know how it feels to be forgotten...How much more would he? You know, it's funny how we try to do & be everything in our lives only to fall short everyday. Shouldn't we put our trust on the one who is, can do & be everything to us? He is a friend, a father to us all, a comforter, a teacher, a provider, a protector- come on you know what I'm talkin' about. Sound familiar?? I think he gives us children so we can see what He has to go through with us. In seeing the lack of acknowledgment we get as mothers, we can run to Him & give him the honor He deserves because we understand His desire to be recognized & remembered.  If He is the center of our lives, then everything we do will be through Him and will have that much more impact on those we love & care for, including - not excluding, ourselves. A great quote I read during my devotional time this morning, : 

There is no greater place of ministry, position, or power than that of a mother.
                        - Phil Whisenhunt

Hope it inspires you to be great, not just for you or your children but for God!

- Just a thought...