Wednesday, June 17, 2009

10 honest things.....

about me? You sure you want to hear this?.... LOL

I was tagged by the lovely Nori and Yay! got another award of sorts - Check it out.

The rules are I'm supposed to list 10 things about myself that are true, (wink, wink) stuff not that many people know about and tag five other lovelies. So here I Go......

1. I am a mutt - Si, Yo soy Puertorriquena (Translation: I am Puerto rican) I grew up on the boriqua side of my family (Mi Madre) and loved every minute of it! My dad on the other hand is Jamaican &West Indian... Who would've thought? I can hear the parade now.. Que bonita bandera, Que bonita bandera, Que bonita bandera...La bandera Puertorriquena!

2. I have never been to Puerto Rico even though practically all of my family has but our family there still writes to us. I'm hoping my hubby will happen to come across this post Hint Hint ;)

3. I am secretly - not so anymore now that I'm writing it here- working on a clothing line for lil' kiddies.

4. If i said it before... oh well - I love fashion it's second only to my family & friends.

5. I haven't mentioned it before but the last 9 months has been very traumatic for me as I have been very sick. A bad case of food poisoning revealed some health issues and slowly but surely I am dealing with them and getting healthier day by day. Thank you Jesus! Hence... it was the other reason for slowing my event planning business & picking up sewing again.

6.I am a magazine FREAK!!!I love & will read anything on a glossy page - fashion, sewing, cooking, Doesn't matter!

7. I also have a sharp memory but in many instances I am POSITIVE it is a curse LOL! Forgiveness is not a four letter word like love - pray for me ya'll. LOL!

8. I recently chopped allof my hair off - all my beautiful curls *sigh* but I love the funky & edgy new me. I had to after I got sick - I couldn't take care of it so it started to look bad... and you know we have to at least try to look good.

9. I am blessed with several talents - keeping my home clean is not one of them but i can do a lil' of everything. I can sew, design, draw, style hair, apply makeup, paint, color by number, you name it... not tryin' to brag just tellin it like it is.

10. It makes me very sad to see moms lose their identity in an effort to care for their families. Yes, being a mom is part of our God given purpose but it is just one aspect of our entire being who makes us who we are. That's why I tell you all it's soooo important to take care of you not just some days but everyday. Other wise you will lose you in the process of loving them. Trust me I've been there and done that and I've resolved that loving me is just as important as loving others.

Give yourself some love today, I promise you even everyone around you will feel it.

- Just a thought....

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