Friday, June 26, 2009

Not to be....

dismissive in any way, cause there are more important things goin' on. I just had to write about continuing to find our most fabulous selves cause it too is important, to me at least. A conversation I had with my friend struck me hard when I went over to see her a few weeks ago. The conversation went a lil' like this:

Me: Hi honey! How are you --Yada, yada, yada

Friend: Oh I'm ok... you look great .. as usual.

Me: Thanks! I just threw this and my sneaks on and left to come see you.

Friend: I wish I could look like that after "throwing" something on. I always look like a mess.

Me: (background sounds - Cricket, cricket......) well, hun, you can do this! and I can show you how.....

All of which lead me to my last post (sans MJ) about being fabulous and this post about how to organize yourself & do it. It's all in the preparation...

I mentioned before that I would be posting on some fun ways to organize your wardrobe. I wouldn't be a great friend - I would seem more like a know it all- if I suggested what to do and not how to do it. I've seen many shows that tell what they think we should be wearing but don't "know" what it is to be in the shoes of a mom. Sooooo.. That said here's my idea of a "mom's" wardrobe essentials:

1. A great fitting pair of Jeans - Yes they are key as they will most likely be your uniform throughout your days of back breaking & running red faced after your kids. Not only that but jeans - with the right cut - are the most versatile and flattering with all of your wardrobe. You can dress them up with some sexy heels or down with casual flats- either way they just work. Now when i say great fit & cut - I don't mean the ones that make us look like muffin tops or the kind that are brazilian cut, "painted" on & show your "plumbers" butt.

I mean a pair that are a nice even wash (dark is great), straight leg - not tapered- and with a natural waist or high waist if you have a tummy to conceal like me. I hate to wear tummy constricting, I mean control undies so I shop for a natural or high waisted jean to conceal like nobody' s business. Bottom line, you should feel & look fantastic in them no matter what!

2. A variety of Camisoles & Tank Tops - Tanks are an essential cause you can layer them (be sure they're long enough) and they're easy to dash out in, in a hurry. Camisoles are great for when you want to dress things up a little more and still look effortless. Save those for the days your lil one doesn't have cheez doodle or chocolate stained hands. Best of all, they're cheap! Just don't buy anything though choose wisely. If you've got a little extra in your pockets these days try Yummie Tummie.

3. Blazers are great. I can't tell you how many times I've been out and about with my hubby and needed to meet and greet with whomever and that blazer sitting in the car is my saving grace - besides - Jesus, lol. They come in every color, style & fabric you can think of depending on the climate & area you live in and again they are extremely versatile. Yo can easily dress them up or down or take it off when a more casual environment is upon you. Don't just think of a heavy "suit blazer" try something in a light weight eyelet or if blazers are too stiff for you...

4. Cardigans are the way to go- just be sure the fabric is appropriate for the season. They also come in various weights, texture & colors, sometimes even some gorgeous prints. You can find them very inexpensive too if your savvy. 2 weeks ago I was at target and found 4 cardigans for $3.74 each! SCOREEEE!!!!

5. A well tailored Jacket is a sure fire way to "appear" put together even if everything else you have on underneath is a mess. A beautiful trench or a lightweight hip length pea coat are awesome. It will be the first thing everyone notices and the last thing they'll forget. Try something punchy & bold in a daring candy apple red or Kelly green. If it's not your thang, try a little something more traditional & neutral but make it personal by swapping out the belt for something more chic or edgy - depending on your style. I have plenty from lightweight cottons all the way through to tough leathers and they always do me justice when called upon. Neutrals like grey & black work with everything. Try some color though you may be surprised.

6. Skirts - which at one point I did not feel were my friends but have now become an ally in my wardrobe arsenal. I'm tall so it difficult to find some that aren't too short but there are all kinds of lengths that are perfect for all of us. Especially Pencil skirts and A- line skirts - they are flattering on anyone as long as they fit well - try not to go to tight though it will turn classy to ashy - my sisters know what I mean!

7. Easy, no fuss Cotton Dresses - I mean do I really have to say more? Slip it on, add your flats, grab a necklace & some bangles and you are out the door! Add a blouse underneath for more coverage or pair with a cardigan or throw on a blazer and bam three outfits in one - ya can't beat it! Just be sure it's comfortable - cause you can't be confident when you're uncomfortable.

8. Bermuda Shorts- Now generally they have a million names but I don't want you to take this one literally & look like a tacky tourist. I want you to be stylish and sophisticated. Sooo.. we'll call them walking shorts. They're perfect with the length hitting at just above the knee and they're fitted enough to add some style to a simple blouse. Bonus? You can run after your child in them and not get tripped up or flash anyone!

9. Button down shirts - Standard staple yes, but you can put a lil' twist on it by wearing one in a beautiful print - New York & Co. does some fantastic ones and very often has a great sale. If all else fails go to your basic white button down but for the more adventurous, try one in black - it will instantly inject "chic" into your life.

10. The holy grail of style - ACCESSORIES! Surely they are last but not least. You will be surprised but how an outfit or "look" will change with some perfectly placed accessories. A scarf here, bangles there, a pair of earrings and in an instant you've taken boring to B, E, A, Utiful! There are no rules, use your accessories to "personalize" your outfit. They can be used to express the attitude within that makes us all feel unique & beautiful at the same time. Give it a try , You might like it ..... remember the object isn't to look 'hollywood' it' s to look like your best version of ... who better? YOU!

With all of these essentials - you can go anywhere and do any thing in a flash cause you'll have the tools to "make it (and everything in your closet) work.
Some other brief advice when shopping:

- Before going out to shop, take inventory of what you have in your closet, so you don't come home with yet another red sweater. It will also help you find pieces for that shirt or skirt you have nothing to wear with.
- Shop on off days like Thursday when all of the mark downs have been taken and sales are beginning to be posted up.
- Save for the next semi- annual or seasonal sale - some of the pieces you were dying to have at full price will be slashed!
- Don't just shop for trends. Find a muse (a stylish friend or celebrity you admire) for inspiration and shop for what "reflects that style AND works for you!

- Just a thought.....


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