Friday, June 26, 2009

Time will teach.....

you a lesson every time.

I just finished posting on taking care of yourself & staying focused on the things that are important. Then came the news - Michael Jackson is dead. Naturally, I brushed it off thinking some idiot was just trying to play a really cruel joke on everyone. Then the flood of calls and e-mails came in. Then the hubs yells "Turn on the T.V.!

It's not a joke.... he's really gone.

It was as if someone punched me and knocked all of the wind out of me. Just a few months ago the hubby and I were sitting and watching some of his old performances and saying amongst ourselves that when he passes it will be a sad day, little did we know..... the only good to come out of this - if there is any to be found- is that it reminds us to draw near to the ones we love. He was someones little boy and it reminds me to hold on dear to my little girl. Time is not to be taken for granted - there is nothing that guarantees that either you or I will wake up tomorrow or even lie our heads down in our beds tonight. I say this not to scare anyone just to help us all remember to redeem the time we have NOW.

My hubby always tells me that death is the great equalizer - it does not discriminate, doesn't care if you are a celebrity or a mother or child. The crazy statistic is that 10 out of 10 people will die. It motivates me to put more effort into spending time doing the more important things, loving God, living to serve people and fulfilling my purpose in life. As a mom, wife, daughter, friend - all of the things that are the essence of who I am. I hope to be an example of love & kindness and have an impact on them like he has had an impact on me - AND. THE. WORLD.

- All my love to those who are troubled over this and my prayers to the family