Monday, June 1, 2009

Ok Soooo......

I know I am always talking about making time for yourself right?? Well, I went to visit a good friend of mine and we started to talk about the struggle to find time for ourselves. Naturally, I am determined to make time to do something fun for me but my friend said something that blew me away. She said, the problem isn't that I can't find the time, it's that I don't know what to do with myself. So I did some research and decided to list a few things to do with your "me time".

1. Stop. Even if you only have 2.5 seconds til' you hear the next scream or change another dirty diaper, take 30 - 60 seconds just to Stop, Breathe &  Refocus. My mother loves to call it Relax, Relate, Release. You will be surprised how refreshed you feel afterward.

2. Read a book. Not just any old book you can find - but something that truly interests you . For me, hands down, it's magazines especially. It's convenient cause the articles are short & I can see pictures of other things besides diapers & dishes. If you hate to read... write, in your journal, on your blog, on the walls with your kids..LOL wherever you can to release & analyze how you are feeling & adjust your perspective of the day.

3. Take on a hobby. Listen ladies, I know especially if you're a single mom that this can be EXTREMELY difficult but make the time for you or time will teach you a lesson once you're too burned out to go on. There are a million classes & groups for everything from sewing, to running, to art, learning a new language, everything imaginable. It will quench your thirst for interaction with new people & stimulate your mind all at the same time. If you have a hard time finding something try Meetup. All you do is enter your interest, your zip code & bam! a long listing for you to choose from. How easy is that? If you can't get alone try a mommy & me class.

4. Get out of your rut! Do something out of the ordinary & veer away (not to far away) from your "typical" schedule. Just try not to overwhelm your kids cause when they are done they will overwhelm you! Plan the day and get out. Sometimes just going for a short walk around the neighborhood for some fresh air is refreshing for you and the kids. I can't tell you how many times Leia was crying, cranky & fussy and I just whip on some clothes and run out the door and she is instantly calmed but the change of scenery. Give it a shot, you may be surprised.

5. Get pretty! I mean it, put on a decent know your husband is tired of seein' you in his boxers & tanks. LOL! It doesn't have to be snazzy or for dinner just easily put together. Comb your hair into a quick fire style, put on your favorite pair of jeans, a cute little tank and accessorize! Earrings, bangles, necklaces and those fly (Translation: chic) pair of shoes you have hiding in your closet (don't worry if your toes aren't done- He won't care) throw on lip gloss & mascara and you'll be good to go!It may light the fire that's been out between you & your honey! There is a whole list of fringe benefits that come from there, that I don't even need to list them! LOL! You also may be setting an example for another mom - showing her that looking good on the outside does make you feel better on the inside. 

Last but certainly not least, is to get connected- not just with some "spirit" or with your girlfriends but God. I didn't number this tip because God shouldn't be out on a list. If he is, he can easily be passed, skipped over or forgotten. We all know how it feels to be forgotten...How much more would he? You know, it's funny how we try to do & be everything in our lives only to fall short everyday. Shouldn't we put our trust on the one who is, can do & be everything to us? He is a friend, a father to us all, a comforter, a teacher, a provider, a protector- come on you know what I'm talkin' about. Sound familiar?? I think he gives us children so we can see what He has to go through with us. In seeing the lack of acknowledgment we get as mothers, we can run to Him & give him the honor He deserves because we understand His desire to be recognized & remembered.  If He is the center of our lives, then everything we do will be through Him and will have that much more impact on those we love & care for, including - not excluding, ourselves. A great quote I read during my devotional time this morning, : 

There is no greater place of ministry, position, or power than that of a mother.
                        - Phil Whisenhunt

Hope it inspires you to be great, not just for you or your children but for God!

- Just a thought...


Mia Dickinson said...

Hey Candace!
I love your blog post. Even though I dont have any children, I found it very inspirational. I think for anyone who has a busy schedule, whether its a mommy, a career person or a mixture of both to have their own indepedant time to be their own person.
Thanks Mia :)

Nancy said...

Oh I just found your blog through mombloggers...I LOVE IT!! Thanks for sharing about taking time for ourselves. I am with you 100%. I need to be better about stopping and grabbing a book or whatever. You are wonderful! Have a great day! Visiting from AZ.

Renée aka Mekhismom said...

These are great tips! I found your blog by way of MBC too!

Anonymous said...

I like your suggestions. They were great. I find "my time" comes afterwards when the kids are down for their naps and bedtime. Those times helps me to relax and regroup. My kitchen is like my "sanctuary". It's truly my place where I go and talk to my Lord and when I really need to do some praying...LOL I go into the laundry room.


Candace Sheppard said...

Thanks for all of the great comments. I'm glad to hear i'm not the only one who agrees with what I'm silently thinking LOL. I'm with you Z, wherever I can find my time I take it LOL!