Thursday, June 11, 2009

10 signs that tell you...

when your "me time" is interfering with more important duties.

1. When you wake up in the morning, make breakfast, get to the table and realize that the plates from last night's dinner are still there. FOOD. AND. ALL.

2. When you take a picture to post on your blog & realize the spot you're standing shows how dirty your floors are.

3.When you go into your cabinets or drawers looking for utensils & plates and realize there is nothing in there because everything is dirty & STILL in the sink.

4. When you go to lay the baby down for a nap and realize you can't cause the bed is covered with all of your unfolded laundry.

5. When you put something to heat in the oven and realize your kitchen is filled with smoke - cause you haven't cleaned the bottom since the last time you entertained for dinner.

6. When you go to put your baby in the tub - to get them clean - and realize the tub itself needs to be cleaned.

7. When you go to look at yourself in the mirror in the A.M. (ANNOYING MORNING) and can't see cause it needs to be wiped down.

8. When you start to sing the clean up song for your toddler & they look around confused cause they don't know where to start.

9. When you go to clean up your child's room & lose them in the process.

10. When you think to yourself, when was the last time I had absolutely nothing to clean? Okay, okay, so... the last one is definitely a long shot when you have kids but I was on a roll huh?

Can I get an AMEN?!!! LOL Just a lil' joke to make you smile! I love to make time for me but lately I noticed I have so much me time that ain't nothing else being cared for around here( or at least not the way I think it should.) I am exaggerating quite a bit cause I do maintain but I would prefer to have all of my time to myself and my lil' peanut.

You supermoms out there that can balance it all I commend you. But as for me & my house well... as you can see (or previously read) that's a whole nother' story. Isn't balance difficult?

What aspects of your lives do you find hard to balance?

Be sure to take time to try to find the balance between the Have To's and the I Wants throughout the day or else you might end up just like me, making a list & checking it twice. LOL

- just a lil' thought.......


Nori D said...

Lol! Yep, I totally comprehend. Those days when I finally find some time for myself, as short as that time may be, I end up feeling guilty, because at the end, something is neglected. I go to the hair salon on Saturday morning, and I dont get to have a nice weekend breakfast with the family, or I decide to head to the mall or park (to get out of the house), but laundry ends up backed up. It's always something. Always.

Renée aka Mekhismom said...

You may be completely joking but I can totally relate !

Iva said...

award award awardS:)

Melinda said...

Too funny. But, you know I think that whole "got it all together" stuff is overrated! ;0) No judgment from me, sister! Thanks for your sweet comment on my blog ... I'd be honored to stand side-by-side with you in this mothering adventure. You're awesome. ;0) So glad our paths crossed!

Candace Sheppard said...

Same here!