Tuesday, December 15, 2009

A total warm your heart moment.....

Ok so I mentioned before in one of my previous posts about the Potty Wars going on over here, lol but I just had to announce that my lil peanut has FINALLY overcome her fear of the toilet, a.k.a. the "Big Girl" potty as she now calls it.

It has been heaven! While I still have to wipe her little tushy, I don't have to clean the potty anymore! You guys have to happy dance with me. Anyhoo, just the other day as I was in the middle of... ahem... cleaning her up, we did the potty song, clapped and danced and when she jumped down to get cleaned up she turned with those big eyes and said " Thank you mommy for wiping my booty." It nearly brought tears to my eyes. Afterward I had to laugh a little cause it was so funny to hear her say booty but it was such a tender moment because who likes to clean "dirty tushy's"? So often I hate to have to do those things but for her to say thank you had me over the moon.

I. Really. Love. My. Baby. Girl.

Even though she's not a baby anymore. I had to hug her and say thank you for thanking mommy afterward. Thank God for children and their pure hearts. I hope that makes you smile.

- Just a story,


Wednesday, December 9, 2009


SHOPPING! I don't mind the ridiculous lines, the nasty cashier attitudes, the lack of good sales.... yeah right! LOL I had you there for a second! It doesn't bother me as much as others but I have had a moment of standing in line with twisted lips as my arm is gettin' ready to fall off cause all of the carts are gone and somebody just cut me in line and you. know. the. deal.

pic courtesy of smh.com

I just really enjoy the spirit of joy in the air. It is sooooo refreshing, in spite of the buying craze going on with everyone else. Iit truly is a very calming & reflective time of year for me. I have mentioned before that my family is all in NYC, which is widely known for the Christmas season - Snow, Rockefeller Center - and that I currently reside in sunny south Florida. I had resolved in my mind that once again I was not going to see my family this year, but God had a plan!

On Monday, my husband came home early from work and gave me a card all while saying it was a Christmas gift he was giving early and not to get excited cause it was "corny". So I gladly opened it, cause I love all his gifts, to find some papers folded inside of a Christmas card. He's smiling so I'm thinking, ok... either he's being silly or plotting to take over the world.... starting with me. So I open the papers and there it is..... THREE BOOKED TICKETS TO NYC!!! That an anonymous giver paid for us!!!! (The hubs works in radio, so it was a total God thing how it happened, we don't have that kind of cash)

I was so excited that I sobbed for t least 10 minutes. I haven't seen my family since my daughter was a year and a half( She's now three) I just had to share that with you all because we get so caught up in the hustle & bustle that we often miss the little miracles God leaves us along the way. He really does love and care about us and the deepest longings and desires in our hearts. For me, it was just to spend that time with my family. My hope is that you find the blessings & miracles in your life be it small or great. Especially the little miracles you have running circles around you! ;)

My plan while we are away is to get lots of take care of "me time" and maybe even a lil shopping here & there... he he. I hope you get a moment of time to reflect on you & yours this year. Especially to take care of you ;) !

Merry Christmas!

- Just a thought...

P.S... How can I receive and not be willing to give just the same? I will be running a sale in My Online Shop on Etsy from Thurs. Dec. 10 - Mon. Dec. 14 for 15 % of all items in my entire store! No lines, no nasty attitudes and great customer service from one of your fellow moms...who can beat that?

Tuesday, December 1, 2009

Hope you all

had an awesome Thanksgiving! I didn't get to wish anyone a happy one last week cause I was so absorbed in preparing to shop & cook for the family. We had a great time! All of my in-laws came over (my family is still in New York) we cooked up a storm and ate til' we all almost burst.

The best part was retiring my cooking pans after the fact - I didn't have to cook anything not even breakfast. Thank God for instant oatmeal. While I would like to say I took a load off with the free time I had from not having to cook, I didn't cause I have been sewing like a mad woman. I finally decided to open my own Etsy shop and it seems to be doing well so far. In the mean time I'm getting into gear for Christmas! I. LOVE. IT. I'm already plotting to go get my tree & hit up the dollar store for decorations ( yes, I said the dollar store...If you didn't know check it out) I'm am a bargain diva. Who's to say you can't decorate beautifully with cheap...umm.. I'm mean inexpensive decor? LOL

Anyhoo, I just wanted to drop a hello to all of you wonderful mommies out there and say thank you for visiting, listening, watching and laughing with me throughout the past few months. I am truly thankful.

- Just a thought....

Saturday, November 21, 2009

Since when does turning 3...

mean " Now I run this place? "

I mean last I checked, I was the one who married my husband, became pregnant & gave birth to a child. Certainly, someone left these details out because I think I may have to clarify the "rules of engagement" to my daughter. Clearly she thinks she's in control and I have to do something about it.

pic courtesy of ehow.com
Temper tantrums don't work, screaming, kicking, crying...I'm not talking about her.. I mean me lol! In all seriousness though I am trying everything and this girl is like an oak tree. SHE. WILL. NOT. BE. MOVED. So I resolved to loving her for all of her stubbornness and instead of trying to break her to get her to "fit" into my mold, I will encourage her to stay strong but remember to yield to authority. Especially me - cause in case she didn't know, I'm the Head Hauncho around these parts. The Big Kahuna, The Chief, CEO, CFO, M.O.M!

Anyhoo, sorry for the rant, I just needed to make that clear, even is she can't read lol! I just have to say that blogging is awesome! If any of you ladies have any comments or even advice post them cause I need help. My eyes are burning from watching Supernanny so much lol! Sound off & let me know how to emerge victorious from this battle. Pray I make it through with no battle scars!

pic courtesy of theage.com

Speaking of awesome bloggers, I must ay I envy those of you who got a chance to hand & chat with each other at BlogHer this year but I was privileged to meet one of the moms in my own backyard! I bumped into her at church...great place to meet good people lol. It was Anna of Quiskaeya! I love blogging you guys rock!

Remember not to forget to take care of you! I certainly won't ;)

- Just a few thoughts....

Tuesday, November 10, 2009

it's an epidemic of .....

huge proportions!

Hello Lovelies! Normally I'm am being silly whenever I am posting but I find that it's time for me to get a lil serious today. You all know that I am a huge advocate for taking care of yourself AND your family. I mean if you aren't healthy, how will you possibly care for your family - let alone be able to be "pleasant" to those around you?

You know what I mean, the saying goes, "If mama ain't happy, ain't nobody happy!" While it's funny it is also very true. I have been chatting with a few girlfriends of mine even a female relative or two who have all been struggling to take care of their families and have long forgotten about themselves, so that being said, we have to take action....take off your rubber gloves, burn your apron, put down the Lysol, drop the broom and listen up! Okay.... so I am still being a lil silly but I just can't help it.

Here's some more ways that you can do a lil' something just for yourself:

1. When you are feeling overwhelmed with everyday responsibility, Stop. Take a few deep breaths, put your feet up and even if it is just 30 seconds of breathing and sitting down ITS WORTH IT! Don't tell me you don't have 30 seconds now... better get off the computer a lil sooner ;) Sometimes just stopping to breathe when we are tense is just enough to relax us & keep us moving on with our day. Its serious! There's even evidence to back it up, Check out this article.

2. After taking a deep breath, if you don't live in a 20 degree area, go for a walk. I used to make every excuse in the book NOT to go outside. It's too hot, it's too cold but the truth is that staying inside all of your days is a recipe for falling into a deep depression. NO.JOKE. I have been a victim of it and it is hard to battle as a lonely stay at home mom. if you have a friend go out with her, if you have family go out to see them, if you have no one I'm here for you and know that i have been there and emerged victorious! This is one not to miss! Bonus? You get to experience the beauty of God's nature and you'll be good when you get back home.

3. Make some time for you during the week. I don't mean just 5 - 10 minutes but I mean legitimate time away from your home & children. You don't have to spend money either, if its cold where you are go to a library ( Peace & quiet ahhh!!!!) if its warm go to the mall and just
window shop. If you have a few bucks treat yourself to a nice dessert or a latte - with extra whipped cream..... okay back to reality, point is whatever you do, do it for you ;) Not only is it fun but I promise you, you will be sooo happy when you come back to your little ones!

4. Exercise. Now I must caution you that exercise is my arch enemy but it's necessary for a healthy mind, body AND Spirit. You all know that I'm a God fearing woman, the truth is He created us in those three mediums to operate as one. Sound familiar? Anyhoo, you cannot deny the physical aspect of your body and not expect your mind & body not to be affected. I don't like highly aerobic workouts cause they can be hard on my body but stretching is wonderful for you. If you struggle with sleep as I do stretching before sleep will help to relax you, trust me as an insomniac, IT WORKS!

5. Get rest. I cannot say this enough! If you are not sleeping your body is not being replenished or repaired. I stand guilty as charged. I am notorious for burning myself out so badly that I become sick or worse. Even God rested on the seventh day! I mean seriously, if He being infinite in all His might took a load off, how much more should we being fragile? Don't get me wrong we
are strong but to deny ourselves the very thing we were created to do can't be right. That why the shops close, lights are turned off and things shut down. Just in case you didn't know we as the women of the household are the captains of the ship we call home (not to deny the husbands authority). If you let go of the steering wheel & forget about our responsibility to ourselves AND those on board... where will everyone end up?

Take that time....you know the rest.

Ladies if you have any other advice or comments please weigh in with what works for you. You never know how you may encourage someone by just sharing how you make it happen.

- Just a thought.....

Friday, November 6, 2009

Well I have finally...

Conquered my computer woes for now....or so it seems ( I can laugh about it now) and while I am feeling victorious as I sit in front of my computer, I have waged a new battle with my now three year old ;)

POTTY WARS! I can hear all of the theme music playing in the background - DUN DUN DUN!!!!!!!! with blood curdling screams firing off in the background... okay enough of the drama and back to the story.

As I was saying, I have begun the battle with the potty. Now just so you know my little peanut Leia has been well trained since she was about 2 years old. I started when she was about 14 months, it quickly got too overwhelming for her, so we took a break and resumed when she hit 2. Now she has been a rare case - she took on very quickly and very rarely had an accident unless she was groggy in the morning - ( I can count on one hand her accidents and still have fingers left)

Anyhoo, lately I find that while she is fully trained she has been having all of these accidents. For example, she was sitting on my lap while I was banging/working on my computer and proceeded to scream "I gotta potty" and peed all over me, the computer chair & my floor. Sometimes I find she hasn't gone all day and then in a rush she goes running & peeing all over the place! I don't know what's going on here! Even if I ask her if she has to go she still won't. Me & the hubs have to leave her there crying in order for her to go. I don't know if its an independence thing or what but I am tired of cleaning out the potty and my floors! By the way, this new independence thing at 3 years old... a whole nother ' blog post.

Sorry for the rant but the only thing that gives me peace while I'm in the midst of cleaning is knowing that I'm loving her in the midst of this instead of reacting to what's happening. It reminds me of how many times God has to come down & clean up my mess. At least she's innocent and doing this unknowingly... or so I think. Well besides the cleaning of my peanut and her potty there is much to be happy about. We'll see if that attitude sticks though the next time I have to clean up a dirty potty lol!

Regardless of what part of the floor (or your child) you find yourself cleaning make some time to take care of just you.

- Just a thought....

What am I doing for me you're thinking? I'm getting ready to go hang out with my girlfriends and then coming home to nap with the kid & the hubs. You didn't think I forgot huh?

Wednesday, November 4, 2009

This is exactly how I feel...

about my computer!!!!

While I'm brand new, my situation with this page taking FOREVER to load is getting real old...real fast.

We have since been experiencing some technical difficulties and when they resume as they should be we'll get back to our regular scheduled programming.

Anyone know my frustration? Leave your comments & advice if you know how to deal.

- Just a frustrated rant......

Monday, November 2, 2009

I'm .....

brand new everyone!

Hello lovelies! It's wonderful to be back and better than ever! Nothing like a makeover to give a gurl a confidence boost huh? I absolutely adore what Louise ( of Adori Graphics) did for my blog and my hope is that you love it too. If not that's okay I'll still love you lol! It makes me wanna jump for joy.

Anyhoo, I have since recovered from my denial of my child getting older but am absorbing the time and fun we are having just for today. There are so many great things to talk to you all about and I just cannot wait to share so stay tuned....

- Just a thought.... and while you ponder that may I ask, what have you done for you lately?

Wednesday, October 21, 2009

The last day she.....

will be two years old is today. Tomorrow will mark my baby leaving the baby years officially....WILL SOMEBODY PLEASE GET OUT THE WORLD CLOCK AND STOP IT!!!!!

Time is going by wayyy too fast. I figured I would find some comfort here from all of you out there in mommy land, I also decided to just recap on some of the most wonderful things that have happened in the last three years that I will miss and the things I won't miss so much.

The five things I will miss about babydom:

1. Holding a 9 lb. baby (vs. a 25lb. toddler) and yes at birth she was 9 lbs. 13oz. to be exact!
2. Watching her wriggle in her blankies
3. Seeing her smile while playing peek a boo
4. Nursing
5. Watching her kick and squeal with her fat chubby legs

Five things I am more than happy to wave goodbye to:

1. Diapers- Need I say more?
2. Crack of dawn feedings
3. Spit up - only deal is now I traded it for the more gross kind cause she's older
4. Fights to get into the bath tub
5. Washing endless amount of baby clothes by hand - now the machine can do it for me!

May be some of you can give me some pointers for whats to look forward to so I don't miss it while I look back over these times. Me & the hubs cried about it late last night and while it's difficult there is much to rejoice over. All three of these years for her were healthy & happy. She is a well rounded, sharp as a tack, loving & caring little girl and I couldn't have dared to ask God for more. HE. IS. GOOD.

Remember to redeem the time you have with your children while you have it and to leave tomorrow's worries for tomorrow. Sooner rather than later tomorrow will come and you will have missed out on today.

- Just a thought....

Tuesday, October 13, 2009


While there is no installment for today's Awww...Inspiring moms The Forgotten Mom is finally getting a much needed... MAKEOVER!!!!

Over at the Mom Bloggers Club I finally found a way to re-do my whole blog without hurting my pockets - Can you say FREE!!! Louise over at Adori Graphics is getting started and I hope you all
love what we have in store. Until then I have put a hold on uploading anymore interviews - I am SURE you have already noticed the lack of posting LOL but stayed tuned it's going to be fantabulous!

Just a little update on me and the munchkin.... she is going to turn three in just a few weeks and I feel as though I am going crazy. I am happy but sad all at the same time. Do you know what I mean? I can't help but come to tears while thinking of when I had her or looking at old pictures and I just can't believe that three years has gone by this fast! Well at least they were all happy & healthy years and God willing there is still more to come. It just keeps me on my toes when I need to be sure that I am spending time with her (while she's still small & growing) now.

For those of you who are too busy to get down on the ground and just be silly with your kids today, try it you never know what memories you will create while you still have the time with them! P.S. don't forget whether you take time today, tomorrow or next week, do it and just for you!

- Just a thought....

Tuesday, September 29, 2009

For those of you that don't know....

I have begun a new segment on my blog. Who else would it be dedicated to but moms? I think that blogging is an outlet for many of us who need to reach out, be lifted up and encouraged by one another. What better way to do that then to find out more about those awesome moms that inspire us?

Enough said! Here is another mom that many of us find Awww... Inspiring. Her dedication to family & work is tireless and she manages to squeeze in blogging amidst all of her duties.

Here's our second interview with Aww...Inspiring mom Akilah Richards.

Q. How has becoming a mom changed you for the better?

A. I know understand the value of time, specifically, making time to do the "little" things that mean more than the day-to-day. Since becoming a mom, I have a new perspective on career goals, because I see how my actions directly affect the lives of two people who didn't ask to be here, and deserve the world!

Q. Did you struggle with your transition into "mom"? What (or whom) do you credit with helping you to overcome the transitioning process?

A. I definitely struggled with the transition from law-school bound file clerk at a large Atlanta law firm, to pregnant chic trying to figure out how to handle this "baby plus career" thing! That is how my book, Execumama: A Pocket-guide for the Twenty-something Mommy on the Move, came to be. I spoke with dozens of women who successfully managed careers and parenting, and by the end of the project, I was certain that I could pursue my true passions (writing and entrepreneurship) while being a full-time mother, engaged in my children's lives, and enjoying every day with them. Through the stories of these incredible women, I found strength, inspiration, and proof!

Q. What do you find to be wonderful about parenting? What do you find to be difficult? What tip would you give to help other moms remedy that issue?

A. One of the most wonderful things about parenting is the opportunities for self-growth. Our children are mirrors of the environments we've created, and through my daughters, I truly learn to be my best self. One of the more difficult aspects of parent for me is the level of selflessness it takes to be a committed parent. Some days, I'm tired, frustrated, etc., but that has to fall to the wayside to some extent, so that I can be there for my daughters and their needs. I am only human, so certainly I allow myself to feel my full range of emotions, taking moments to "lick my wounds", but at the end of the day (for me), it's about them, not me; not while they're this young (5 and 3).

Q. Where & how do you find the time to take care of you amidst caring for a family?

A. Fortunately, there are built-in fail safes in regards to parenting and self-care. In my house, if mommy's neglecting herself, then everyone pays the price (LOL!), so I exercise regularly at the YMCA where there's a Kidzone so that the girls can play safely for an hour or so while I handle my business. I also have a great support system with my husband and the girls' grandparents, and I utilize them when necessary. I also pray often and meditate to keep the external noise to a minimum and stay in tune with Creator's plan for me, which I believe is NOT limited to the blessing of parenthood.

Q. What is the most inspiring advice you have received as a mom that you would like to extend to other moms reading?

A. I don't know that there's one piece of advise in particular that stands out. What I would like to share is the overall thought that the women from my book drew me to conclude; that is to Define, Design, and Live your FULLEST version of Woman! If that means kicking butt at your corporate gig, then using your weekends to goof off in Happyville with your children, then so be it. That might mean giving up a great paying 9 to 5 in exchange for a part-time opportunity that may cause you to live in a smaller house, but gives you more quality time. But if that's what makes you feel like your fullest self, then go for it. The message is simple: you deserve to feel fulfilled by your daily actions, period! If the things you do from day-to-day leave you fatigued, unsatisfied, and in search of more, then you have a responsibility to yourself to work towards happiness, and create a life of fulfillment for you and your children.

Akilah is an awesome example of how to make your family and work life the best for you. SO often we get caught up in drawing the line and saying you have to parent this way or staying home is the best of working is better. The truth is we must do what we have to do, in order to do what we want to do. Everyone's needs /priorities are different and instead of tearing one another down we as moms need to extend a hand to help those who need it up. Akilah, I wish you and your family all the best. My hope is that you continue to inspire the execumama in us at all, whether we work it at home or in the office! Definitely another aww..inspiring story!

Be sure to check out Akilah's blog when you have the chance! And remember lovelies -to take some time today to take care of you!

- Just a thought.....

P.S. Mommies, if you know another mom that you look to for inspiration just send me a line at: candacejcs@gmail.com with her name, a link to her blog and a short message about why you find her inspiring and she may be the next featured. Check next Tuesday for the new aww inspiring mom. Enjoy!

Monday, September 21, 2009

The forgotten mom????

It's more like the forgotten blog! LOL

Hello Lovelies!!! I hope this finds you & yours well. Yes, me and my baby are well again Thank God! Here's a pic of my beautiful baby feeling better! We have been feeling so much better that I have been out & about with her for the last 2 going on 3 weeks in a row!

Surely that is a good thing because we all know how frustrating it can be to be home doing the same routine EVERY. SINGLE. DAY! But the only bad part is that makes me a bad blogger - hope you can forgive me ;) Anyhoo, I have been making some great friends, sewing - I am now learning how to quilt - with my womens group at my church and I have started to volunteer with a group of young women at a ministry here in Fort Lauderdale called His Caring Place.

It has been nothing short of awesome! Sometimes as stay at homes moms our perspective of what we do is looked at as a burden. I heard Kate Gosselin say it best when she said: Each day is painfully the same, yet vastly different. I couldn't have said it better myself! So with that knowledge, I was determined to see another persons perspective on motherhood - someone less fortunate than I and boy was it an eye opener! We all know that I am a huge advocate of taking care of ourselves as moms and finding time for us during each day. Meeting these girls helped me to realize that having time to stay home with my child and a husband that supports me so I can is a blessing!

So in light of seeing things from their perspective, I have dedicated some of my time to helping them out in their time of need. To help them refocus and see the blessing of having & caring for a child of their own. In turn it has helped me to strive to be a better & more appreciative mommy. I am still taking time for me if you are wondering but loving the feeling of giving back to those who are struggling just like i was. No better excuse to be away than that! I have A LOT of pics to post up - especially from the organization challenge - I'm a terrible soldier Melinda, please forgive me LOL! I have to say that we have been keeping up with our organizing efforts!

Until next time lovelies, remember not to forget who you are and that you MUST make time for you!

- Just a thought....

Tuesday, September 8, 2009

I hate being.....

SICK!!! Nothing like not being able to breathe to add some extra crank to your day.

Anyhoo, At least my baby girl is doing well. She had a fever and you know how it is when you are caring for a sick baby. Tears, kicking and screaming - only thing is that was me this time around ... not my daughter. What? You don't think us moms throw tantrums too?

Like I was saying, After hours of waking up for medicine doses, Cradling her and rocking her back to sleep, I woke up with a faint scratchy feeling and surely after another two days of helping her get better a full blown, cant eat, cant breathe, cant sleep cold. It has been a while in between this one and the last and you know how it is when you are reminded that cold and flu season is coming!

So....to all of the mommies out there caring for lil sick ones or yourself I have some extra tissue if you need any. Just let me know!

Be sure to take care of you- sick or not.

- Just a thought....

Tuesday, September 1, 2009

There is nothing.....

more inspiring to me than a mom that can identify with me about my struggles, make me laugh when life hurts and build me up so I can go on to becoming great. Some are placed in our lives as companions to walk with us and others are there to give us that little nudge to keep on going from day to day.

Several women that I have relationships with and have come to know through the world of blogging automatically came to my mind and I felt compelled to tell you about them so they could bless you with their stories and wisdom. One of many that came to mind was Cyndi of So Much More than a Mom. I think the title of her site says it all! I had the pleasure of interviewing her first to kick off my new segment on Awww Inspiring moms.

Here's our Interview:

Q. How has becoming a mom changed you for the better?

A. Becoming a mom has forced me to be at least somewhat pleasant in the morning. I used to insist that no one speak to me for at least 2 hours and was very difficult to deal with if that rule was broken.

Q. Did you struggle with your transition into "mom"? What (or whom) do you credit with helping you to overcome the transitioning process?

A. Strangely enough, no I didn't struggle one bit. I credit my oldest son for being born 6 weeks early and needing emergency surgery at 3 weeks old with making my transition process much different than I expected. My mommy instincts kicked into overdrive and I was just so grateful he was healthy that I never really struggled with anything else.

Q. What do you find to be wonderful about parenting? What do you find to be difficult? What tip would you give to help other moms remedy that issue?

A. Wonderful is seeing my little babies continue to grow into amazing little individuals. Difficult is figuring out how to deal with the ever-evolving problems that come with each new phase of their lives. Tip: pick your battles and listen, really listen, to your kids.

Q. Where & how do you find the time to take care of you amidst caring for a family?

A. I could go on and on about this. I make sure I get alone time, girlfriend time, reading time, massage time, etc. It's a priority for me and luckily for my husband. I did not do this for many years and suffered because of it. Now, I regularly take time for myself including everything from lurking around bookstores to taking vacations alone or with girlfriends to going back to college.

Q. What is the most inspiring advice you have received as a mom that you would like to extend to other moms reading?

A. I can't recall receiving much advice except....put the baby monitor on HIS side of the bed!! :)

Advice I would give is: 1. Enjoy your kids while you can. They grow up way too fast. 2. Take time for yourself. Don't give up who you are just because you've become a mom. 3. Take time to keep your relationship with your partner interesting. Once the kids are gone it will be just the 2 of you again and I've seen too many couples who have ignored their relationships during the child-rearing years only to realize that they no longer have any connection at all.

I couldn't have said it better myself! Definitely an awww...inspiring story. Cyndi you are wonderful and I wish you all the best in your endeavors to take care of you and your family. I hope you will continue to be as inspiring to others as you have been to me. Be sure to check out Cyndi's blog when you have the chance! And remember lovelies - to take some time today to take care of you!

- Just a thought.....

P.S. Mommies, if you know another mom that you look to for inspiration just send me a line with her name, a link to her blog and a short message about why you find her inspiring and she may be featured. Check it out next Tuesday for the next aww inspiring mom. Enjoy!

Wednesday, August 26, 2009

Are you serious.......

Another to add to the collection of shoes that make me want to do things I shouldn't to get them. They may be a little to much for you but I can't get enough.

Zippers?!!!! I mean come on Zippers!!!! I LOVE IT!

- Another random thought....

Tuesday, August 25, 2009

You may not know this.....

but on many days after reading some (even all) of your posts I am so inspired to keep going on some of my toughest days as a mommy! I think that is what i love most about the "world" of blogging. The comraderie, the laughs and even when we cry reading some of the posts. Amidst all of that there is a sense of community among us no matter what we are going through.

I have been so inspired lately that I have decided to start dedicating posts to some of you "Awww...inspiring" moms out there! It will be my version of momspiration. Each mom will be asked a short list of questions( anywhere from 3 -5 ) revolving around how they keep themselves sane and live to tell us about it. Everything from daily routines, caring for our hubbies and most importantly how they "try" to meet the mark of caring for themselves during the exciting routine of cooking, cleaning and loving their families.

I will be posting about several of the moms I find inspiring and if you would like to nominate a mom blogger you know that is "Awwww....Inspiring" and will give us all a little hope for getting it right when tomorrow comes, drop me a line in the comment box (or e-mail me: candacejcs@gmail.com) with the following:

- Her Name
- A link to her blog and
- What you find most inspiring about her (regardless of circumstance)

I think it will be great for helping us all adjust our perspective -of life as we know it- and it will give us some incentive to better ourselves and set examples of our children to follow. It's just another way to see that we are taking care of ourselves and one another.

- Just a thought....

Friday, August 21, 2009

Drumroll please........

And the winner is...... Jackie! Congratulations Jackie! I am sure that your gift certificate will be used well. Especially with three little ones lol!

I suspect you will try to take advantage while you have your "Time Out". For those of you that don't know, the movement has begun! Jackie did a recent post on a fabulous idea that Theta Mom came up with. If finding time just for you everyday is too much to ask then why not resolve to 1 hour per week just for you? I LOVE IT!

No matter how much time we have to ourselves or not, we are WORTH it! Stop by Theta Mom's place and sign up and be sure to come back and tell me about. I might even start a challenge of my own, who knows? I think we are finally beginning to understand how important we are.

- How about that for a thought?

Monday, August 17, 2009


backkkkkkk!!!!! I know it's been a lil' bit lovelies, I have been EXTREMELY busy around these parts. I joined a womens group with my church and I've been a social butterfly this past week. Baby Showers, New Births and running from place to place with my little cookie. Nothing short of the usual as a mom.

You know how it is....Anyhoo, all of the hustle and bustle has me missing New York! I miss the crowded trains, and the fast buses and the attitudes - no scratch that - I just miss my home away from home. ALL of my family is still up there. Do you know how hard it is to make friends around here? I still can't understand why you can live next to someone for 10 Years and not know who they are. I mean come on! Sorry for the rant there. Don't get me wrong, sun and palm trees, sand and the waters edge is nice but every single day... I think not. ESPECIALLY with this heat and humidity - it's forced me to wear my hair curly all the time. I'm tired of watching the makeup roll off of my face, the sweat POUR off my brow and cabin fever cause it's "TOO HOT" to go outside. Ok enough of this complain' business let's look at the fun stuff!

I have been just about coveting and dreaming of being in New York this fall wearing some of the seasons latest fashions. Sleek cardigans and sexy boots and beautiful wool coats. *sigh* Anyhoo I will make the best of it - At least I 'll get to send my family pictures of us on Christmas day at the beach LOL! But in the meantime I will continue to dream about all of the loveliness that's just about to begin come September and October. Here's some of my latest "Fall" inspiration:

Well just to indulge & "care" for myself - cause that's what this blog is about - I am off to search for the perfect pair of boots to take with me on my next trip to New York - Hopefully this fall for my daughter's birthday! I will be sure to post about the fabulousness soon to come.

Speaking of fabulous.... What are you doing to make YOU feel fabulous today? Hopefully it's making some time - amidst the madness yes- to relax and enjoy you.

- Just a thought.....

P.S. I'll post some update pics on my progress with my organization challenge next time I'm on, and if you haven't already be sure to check out this post for my FIRST giveaway! The winner is to be announced in just a few days!

Monday, August 10, 2009

I don't even know.....

how I managed to forget to post about the madness going on in my house!!!

Good morning lovelies! I hope the face of God is shining on you like the sun is shining on me here in South Florida! As i was saying.... I don't know how I managed to forget to post about my organization efforts aka the madness goin' on in my house. Last week I posted about Melinda's Organization challenge that I joined in order to get my act together on my home front.
Melinda.... challenge it was indeed! I cleaned areas I was afraid to look at, enough dust to start a wind storm in my house and more toys than one little girl had time to play with.

But, when all was said and done my baby finally had a room and a clean place to call her own. I'm not as sentimental as most but certainly I feel like crying right now. It is hands down one of the best things I have set out to do (and actually accomplished) in a long time. Thank you Melinda & to all you other ladies taking it one space at a time... you go girls! Even the hubs has been inspired! He's been cleaning out all of his equipment and plans to sell it with all of the other treasures found in our cluttered closets.

Here are some of the pics from our first victory:

You can actually see the floor!!!!!

No more boxes, No more clutter just pure freedom! Melinda, You are a genius - thank you for cluing us in on your secret plot to deliver us from our clutter!

I'm free ya'll I'm free..... for now that is. Here are the nasty pics of our next designated spot:

Here's to getting our acts together...together!

- Just a thought...... Oh, LOL, you thought I forgot to ask huh? What are you gonna do for you?

Friday, August 7, 2009

It's .......

FRIDAY!!!!! Thank you God! Time to enjoy a relaxing weekend or so I hope...

OK Lovelies, you know that among others I am a HUGE advocate for moms and stressing the importance of caring for ourselves. Well what kind of advocate would I be if I didn't give you the tools necessary to motivate you to care for yourself?

Well, enough said! I was approached by Ecostore USA to review some products and review I did! I tried two of their products - the Baby Moisturizer and Vanilla Soap. Now I must admit that I am a PRODUCT JUNKIE - yes I am in therapy for it, especially when it comes to my hair. However, that does not apply when it comes to my daughter. I like most moms when they were pregnant ran to the shelves stocked with Johnson & Johnson and Aveeno only to find that my daughter is extremely sensitive to those conventional products. I had fallen in love with the idea of her smelling like that baby lotion and the baby shampoo but when I used it I noticed an immediate rash or irritations that just wouldn't quit.

You can imagine my frustration with trying to find just the right products out there and trial periods of dealing with rashes and irritations. Any mom out there know what I'm talking about? Anyhoo, I was left with very few products to choose from to care for my cookie's delicate skin. Sooooooo....you can imagine how leary I was to try this new baby moisturizer on her. I was concerned but the fact that the majority of the product was plant based helped to ease some of my concerns. Usually, I won't settle for things that aren't organic but after reading the ingredient list I wasn't alarmed so I stepped out on faith and tried it. To my surprise, after I bathed her and put it on her there were no immediate bumps or rashes and even better.... she woke up the next morning and wasn't scratching! Hallelujah!

I give them my seal of approval cause if it doesn't irritate her it's good in my book. I also tried the vanilla soap (on me- Leia's too sensitive for scented stuff) which was interesting to say the least. It didn't have an overwhelming scent of vanilla instead it was very lightly scented (good for those with sensitive sniffers) I thought it was cool but the hubs didn't particularly like it. He likes the sweet smelling stuff- so it won't become a staple for me to use but I thought it worked well for me.

With that said, I am doing My First Giveaway! You know how important it is to take care of yourself so why not do it with better quality products? You know you want to win!!! The winner will receive a $25.00 Gift Certificate to use for any product you desire from Ecostore Usa and body & baby care isn't the limit of their scope of products. They have household cleaners, hair care products and more.

In order to be entered to win, you have to :

1. Be a follower of my blog ;) - shameless plug!
2. Leave a comment with your best tip for helping moms to care for themselves
3. Sign up for the No Nasty Chemicals Newsletter on the Ecostore USA Blog
4. Follow Ecostore Usa on their Twitter or Facebook Page

The winner will be announced on Friday August 21.

Simple huh? A little incentive for you to Remember not to Forget to take care of yourself!
From the forgotten mom herself!

- Just a thought...

Wednesday, August 5, 2009

Are you....


I saw these bad boys in an e-mail newsletter today from Style.com and almost fell out of my computer chair.....Gorgeous!

Balenciaga, I love you!!!!

Yes I posted about shoes only today - They were just too fly to pass up. I know you've come across a pair that made you think of doing illegal things to get them.

Now you know you are NOT the only one LOL! Enjoy Lovelies!

- Just a thought...

Monday, August 3, 2009

It never works out....

the way we plan it to.

Hello lovelies! I hope your weekend was as fun filled and action packed as mine was. It was down right crazy to be more exact. The hubs & I went to his high school reunion, a birthday party, church and even found time to spend together before 12:00 am Sunday night. I am exhausted but in a good way then again not so good cause even though the fun weekend is over the reality of a moms work during the week never is.

I had planned to post about my organization efforts on Friday, finish a few sewing projects by today and clean my house while finding time to be out playing with my child but as my hubby says if you fail to plan, you plan to fail. Indeed I am failing right now as we speak. Isn't life crazy when you're not organized??? As much as I know that to be true I STILL don't organize and plan accordingly. Know what I'm talking about???? I know you do.

Anyhoo, I stopped by melinda's place - (Parenting Confessions blog) last week and noticed she posted a challenge to help us moms get our acts together and our homes organized. Now I don't know about you but obviously I need some help around these parts. So that said I immediately signed up and should you struggle like me with organization I would encourage you to join too. There is nothing like signing up to get your act together with a friend - and Melinda you are a friend, thanks for what you are doing! Take some time to drop by her blog and check it out - you won't be disappointed.

Back to what I was saying though, I had quite a few plans including opening my Etsy shop on Saturday. Didn't happen cause I didn't plan accordingly. Isn't it discouraging and amazing that we can think for even a moment that we've got it all "under control"? I wanna know who sold me that lie cause I'm gonna choke 'em! God is definitely the only in control and here is the proof that I need help - this is a pic of my daughter's closet. We have been living in our place for over nine months now.

When we first moved in i was very sick and could barely clean but now I am doing MUCH better and no longer have that excuse. Every room was set & decorated but my daughters. Her room has since become a catch all including her closet. Yes to my shame I show these pictures. I already made the hubs enlist as well - a girl shouldn't have to do everything by herself - but that's a whole nother' post though lol - My "plan" is to have it neat and organized come Thursday afternoon so I am free to post about the next area to organize on Friday morning.

The operative word there is PLAN cause like I said I love to be organized i just can't be committed enough to do it. Those boxes are filled with millions - no exaggerating- of papers and clothes and etc. There' s more hiding you just can't see them. I don't even want to look at them. Hope I find some me time in the midst of all this. What do you have "planned" this week?

Hopefully if you're neat and organized it's some time for you.

- Just a thought...

Wednesday, July 29, 2009


much better and more creative today! Hope you lovelies out there are doing the same. Short hello today cause I 've got no time to waste must get back to my ball and chain - the sewing machine that is....

what do you have planned for today? Hopefully it's something fun and just for you.

- just a thought.... and an old pic that always puts a smile on my face. Hope you smile too!

Tuesday, July 28, 2009

Ever have...

One of those days where you look all around you and everything is as it should be but you? Everyone is happy and healthy and you lack nothing and still you have no joy? Definitely one of those days today. Haven't been feeling well and can't seem to find out what's wrong but at least I'm still here. Pray for me.

- No thoughts.....just feelings

Friday, July 24, 2009

Now you know....

that I am a HUGE advocate of taking care of you. But how have you been taking care of the one you vowed to honor and cherish til' death? That's right Lovelies! This post is dedicated to the ones who make it possible for us to stay home and care for our little ones - The HUBBIES!

I stumbled upon this question just yesterday morning when I was thinking of the hubs as I woke up. I had been feeling neglected cause he was soooo busy with work, when it occurred to me....perhaps he was feeling the same way?? I really forced me to think about whether or not he was having the same feeling - it cer
tainly looked like it - as he has been withdrawn and was growing a beard long & thick enough for me to use as a tight rope. I began to think of how unattractive it was as well - DON"T LIE LADIES!!! You know when your husband isn't keeping things tight that it's hard to find them irresistible.

Anyhoo, I began to reflect on just how much I used to LOVE taking care of him. In the pursuit of taking care of me for change, I had long forgotten about him. The joy it gave me to know that he felt loved and appreciated - and let me be blunt ladies, it keeps things in the bedroom HOT! LOL! Nothing like showing your man a little bit of extra loving cause more than likely he'll be willing to shower some lovin' you've been looking for back on you. I mean it is in our nature to care for the ones we love - so why not them all the more?

We spent the evening together just chit chattin' while I shaved his head and trimmed his beard. I gave him a mini facial and then lubed him up with some coconut oil..... ok so I won't go there. Let's just say we had fun and I feel like we rekindled that fire that seemed to get a lil' low for a little bit. It was really nice cause he got the attention he was looking for and I got the intimacy I wanted. And let me just say that when I was finished, he looked sharper than the fresh paper that will cut you without you even knowing it!!!

Sooo..... balance is the key. Take care of you, then you'll be able to take care of "us"(you and your hubby) and then us can take care of them(your children)and do it all together as one family unit the way God would have us to. You can't beat that!

Cheers to all the many parts of what makes you who you are(including the hubs cause you are ONE) and celebrate taking care of each other. Bonus? IT"S FRIDAY!!! Enjoy your weekend lovelies!

- Just a thought....

Wednesday, July 22, 2009

I am so....

EXCITED!!! First of all, yes my A/C is back up and running - Thank you Lord, you really do love me LOL! You wouldn't believe what we went through this weekend with the landlord and the A/C repair technicians but I'll spare you. I'll just tell you it was DRAMA ON T.N.T!

Anyhoo, we are cool calm and collected cause they put a replacement unit in while they service our A/C so I can write this post without losing 70% of the water in my body. YAY! Back to our regularly scheduled programming, I was saying that I am SO EXCITED. If I haven't mentioned it already I am getting ready to launch my Etsy Online shop in just ONE WEEK!!! AHHHH!!!!!

I LOVE to sew and have been so inspired by my little cookie lately. I talked to the hubs about it and he said hey, why not? So I'm putting myself out there with hopes to be received well. Isn't it funny? There is nothing in this world like wanting to be accepted by your peers. It makes you feel like you're back in the 3rd grade again. Know what I'm talking about?

It's like the first day of school I am nervous and excited all at the same time. I have been chained to my sewing machine making samples and taking ridiculous amounts of pictures of my daughter modeling them. Which by the way wasn't the most fun... let's just say it ended in tears - both mine and my daughter's LOL. As beautiful as she is modeling is not her thing lol!

Soooo........I am learning through this process to start laying aside my expectations for perfection- even in pictures- *sigh* and moving forward just hoping that I'm doing something right and if not I figure my daughter will have a whole lot of dresses and outfits that I personally made for her lol!

Here's a little sneak peek...

Isn't she adorable? I just love that little girl!!!!!

By the way, you know I'm not about to let anything get in the way of me asking are you taking care of yourself......so without further adieu... what have you done for you?

- Just a thought.....