Friday, July 24, 2009

Now you know....

that I am a HUGE advocate of taking care of you. But how have you been taking care of the one you vowed to honor and cherish til' death? That's right Lovelies! This post is dedicated to the ones who make it possible for us to stay home and care for our little ones - The HUBBIES!

I stumbled upon this question just yesterday morning when I was thinking of the hubs as I woke up. I had been feeling neglected cause he was soooo busy with work, when it occurred to me....perhaps he was feeling the same way?? I really forced me to think about whether or not he was having the same feeling - it cer
tainly looked like it - as he has been withdrawn and was growing a beard long & thick enough for me to use as a tight rope. I began to think of how unattractive it was as well - DON"T LIE LADIES!!! You know when your husband isn't keeping things tight that it's hard to find them irresistible.

Anyhoo, I began to reflect on just how much I used to LOVE taking care of him. In the pursuit of taking care of me for change, I had long forgotten about him. The joy it gave me to know that he felt loved and appreciated - and let me be blunt ladies, it keeps things in the bedroom HOT! LOL! Nothing like showing your man a little bit of extra loving cause more than likely he'll be willing to shower some lovin' you've been looking for back on you. I mean it is in our nature to care for the ones we love - so why not them all the more?

We spent the evening together just chit chattin' while I shaved his head and trimmed his beard. I gave him a mini facial and then lubed him up with some coconut oil..... ok so I won't go there. Let's just say we had fun and I feel like we rekindled that fire that seemed to get a lil' low for a little bit. It was really nice cause he got the attention he was looking for and I got the intimacy I wanted. And let me just say that when I was finished, he looked sharper than the fresh paper that will cut you without you even knowing it!!!

Sooo..... balance is the key. Take care of you, then you'll be able to take care of "us"(you and your hubby) and then us can take care of them(your children)and do it all together as one family unit the way God would have us to. You can't beat that!

Cheers to all the many parts of what makes you who you are(including the hubs cause you are ONE) and celebrate taking care of each other. Bonus? IT"S FRIDAY!!! Enjoy your weekend lovelies!

- Just a thought....


Mamatoosi said...

Amen! And I'm so glad I'm not the only one who posts TMI! Haha.