Wednesday, December 9, 2009


SHOPPING! I don't mind the ridiculous lines, the nasty cashier attitudes, the lack of good sales.... yeah right! LOL I had you there for a second! It doesn't bother me as much as others but I have had a moment of standing in line with twisted lips as my arm is gettin' ready to fall off cause all of the carts are gone and somebody just cut me in line and you. know. the. deal.

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I just really enjoy the spirit of joy in the air. It is sooooo refreshing, in spite of the buying craze going on with everyone else. Iit truly is a very calming & reflective time of year for me. I have mentioned before that my family is all in NYC, which is widely known for the Christmas season - Snow, Rockefeller Center - and that I currently reside in sunny south Florida. I had resolved in my mind that once again I was not going to see my family this year, but God had a plan!

On Monday, my husband came home early from work and gave me a card all while saying it was a Christmas gift he was giving early and not to get excited cause it was "corny". So I gladly opened it, cause I love all his gifts, to find some papers folded inside of a Christmas card. He's smiling so I'm thinking, ok... either he's being silly or plotting to take over the world.... starting with me. So I open the papers and there it is..... THREE BOOKED TICKETS TO NYC!!! That an anonymous giver paid for us!!!! (The hubs works in radio, so it was a total God thing how it happened, we don't have that kind of cash)

I was so excited that I sobbed for t least 10 minutes. I haven't seen my family since my daughter was a year and a half( She's now three) I just had to share that with you all because we get so caught up in the hustle & bustle that we often miss the little miracles God leaves us along the way. He really does love and care about us and the deepest longings and desires in our hearts. For me, it was just to spend that time with my family. My hope is that you find the blessings & miracles in your life be it small or great. Especially the little miracles you have running circles around you! ;)

My plan while we are away is to get lots of take care of "me time" and maybe even a lil shopping here & there... he he. I hope you get a moment of time to reflect on you & yours this year. Especially to take care of you ;) !

Merry Christmas!

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P.S... How can I receive and not be willing to give just the same? I will be running a sale in My Online Shop on Etsy from Thurs. Dec. 10 - Mon. Dec. 14 for 15 % of all items in my entire store! No lines, no nasty attitudes and great customer service from one of your fellow moms...who can beat that?


Cyndi said...

Wow, what an amazing gift!! Enjoy your trip!

Sonia Roody said...

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