Tuesday, August 25, 2009

You may not know this.....

but on many days after reading some (even all) of your posts I am so inspired to keep going on some of my toughest days as a mommy! I think that is what i love most about the "world" of blogging. The comraderie, the laughs and even when we cry reading some of the posts. Amidst all of that there is a sense of community among us no matter what we are going through.

I have been so inspired lately that I have decided to start dedicating posts to some of you "Awww...inspiring" moms out there! It will be my version of momspiration. Each mom will be asked a short list of questions( anywhere from 3 -5 ) revolving around how they keep themselves sane and live to tell us about it. Everything from daily routines, caring for our hubbies and most importantly how they "try" to meet the mark of caring for themselves during the exciting routine of cooking, cleaning and loving their families.

I will be posting about several of the moms I find inspiring and if you would like to nominate a mom blogger you know that is "Awwww....Inspiring" and will give us all a little hope for getting it right when tomorrow comes, drop me a line in the comment box (or e-mail me: candacejcs@gmail.com) with the following:

- Her Name
- A link to her blog and
- What you find most inspiring about her (regardless of circumstance)

I think it will be great for helping us all adjust our perspective -of life as we know it- and it will give us some incentive to better ourselves and set examples of our children to follow. It's just another way to see that we are taking care of ourselves and one another.

- Just a thought....


Anonymous said...

Candace this is a great idea! I have found so many inspirational women/moms/entrepreneurs, it would be difficult to give you just one! I will narrow it down and send someone soon!

Candace Sheppard said...

Awesome Christine! I'm glad you love the idea. I think its great to shed the light on those moms who are out there who really do keep us going. Whomever comes to mind just send me the list!