Saturday, November 21, 2009

Since when does turning 3...

mean " Now I run this place? "

I mean last I checked, I was the one who married my husband, became pregnant & gave birth to a child. Certainly, someone left these details out because I think I may have to clarify the "rules of engagement" to my daughter. Clearly she thinks she's in control and I have to do something about it.

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Temper tantrums don't work, screaming, kicking, crying...I'm not talking about her.. I mean me lol! In all seriousness though I am trying everything and this girl is like an oak tree. SHE. WILL. NOT. BE. MOVED. So I resolved to loving her for all of her stubbornness and instead of trying to break her to get her to "fit" into my mold, I will encourage her to stay strong but remember to yield to authority. Especially me - cause in case she didn't know, I'm the Head Hauncho around these parts. The Big Kahuna, The Chief, CEO, CFO, M.O.M!

Anyhoo, sorry for the rant, I just needed to make that clear, even is she can't read lol! I just have to say that blogging is awesome! If any of you ladies have any comments or even advice post them cause I need help. My eyes are burning from watching Supernanny so much lol! Sound off & let me know how to emerge victorious from this battle. Pray I make it through with no battle scars!

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Speaking of awesome bloggers, I must ay I envy those of you who got a chance to hand & chat with each other at BlogHer this year but I was privileged to meet one of the moms in my own backyard! I bumped into her at church...great place to meet good people lol. It was Anna of Quiskaeya! I love blogging you guys rock!

Remember not to forget to take care of you! I certainly won't ;)

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Annette said...

Maybe our daughters have been plotting together.

Candace said...

lol Maybe.... :D

Ms. Bar B: said...

Hehe. I remember those days... wait... I'm still living them, and my daughter is 6! See, doesn't that sound so inspirational, lol. I think you are on to a good strategy with letting her find her little self, while learning that mom is much bigger, thus what she says ultimately goes. Since my daughter now stands at my boobs, I am almost to the point of restrategizing. Good luck!

Great blog btw. I found you through the lovely lady of Adori.