Wednesday, June 3, 2009

What is your...

Passion? Certainly mine is fashion - Can't help the rhyming there so bear with me. I didn't have very many posts this weekend cause I was out & about for a change. I think I might have gone a little overboard but it's nice to indulge- especially with all the budget cuts goin' on around this joint.(Translation: In my home, financially speaking, We ain't got it!)

As I was saying, I got the chance to splurge on my first love... fabric! Now that may not mean much to those of you who don't sew but boy to me it's the equivalent of a shopping spree at your fav department store. I bought some beautiful "silks" - cause the quality stuff is expensive, a few linens - cause it's HOT here in FL and some beautiful denim - which i hope to whip into some skinny jeans that will help me get my sexy back. Now how long it will take me to  get sexy back?....that's another post. I hope it's soon though!I'll post some of my creations later on.

In no way am I saying that I look as terrible as the bottom of someones shoe but we all know that we need a little help sometimes. While I would like to pretend that I am in shape & look as good as other svelte moms out there... sadly i don't. My honey has taken to calling me the jack of all trades, master of none. Which in part is true, I can do a lil' bit of everything- like most moms-but the one thing I have become a master at is: Disguise! I have been struggling with this kangaroo pouch i have swingin' from my waist since I had my lil' peanut. Now most moms will nod their head in agreement with me and *sigh*... my issue though isn't just my pouch, it's that the rest of me has gone back down to my "normal" size. So often while out - before I became a master of disguise- I would get asked: Are you pregnant?, When are you due? and what are you going to have? - 2 years after I had my daughter!!!!!!!!

So you can imagine as much as I love fashion, it is hard to look at all of the moms out there who "seem" to have it all together in the physical department. After a while (and I mean a longggg time) I just got sick and tired to holding myself up to this ridiculous standard and adopted my new motto: It's not what you have, it's how you make it work! I let go of all my crazy  ideals and dedicated myself to taking care of me - inside & out. I wanted how I felt on the inside to be reflected on the out so instead of obsessing over my pouch I learned to make it "disappear". At least until my workout regime really kicks in. 

I traded my ill fitting pre- baby blouses for fashionable tunics, swapped out air constricting corsets for pretty waist cinching/pouch covering belts and traded my low rise jeans for trendy high waisted "skinny" jeans. And Lo & behold, I discovered you really can make it work. So thank you Tim Gunn - you truly are an inspiration! I will continue to make it work! Now if i had it my way, I would just order possibly the greatest invention ever - the tanks & tops from Yummie Tummie. But who has $60 - 70 to blow for a blouse? I could be using that money to put food in my fridge or to buy fabric and make my own! I like the last alternative.

Sometimes as moms, we convince ourselves that if we can't get back to "where we were" that we aren't worthy of love & care or (you fill in the blank). But i find that to be the farthest from the truth! Life is about constant change - even when we least expect it. It's about recognizing that when change comes it will - to some degree - reinvent who we are. Often the challenges that come with change force us to grow & become better, more well rounded people. With that in mind, it reminds me that everyday i must make the most of who I am in Christ. What does that mean for me? Everyday I will make an effort to find out but just for today it means that I am enough & valuable to Him if nobody else in this world thinks so. 

I think we all should feel like we are enough just as we are while remembering that God loves us too much to leave us that way. I think He places change- sometimes seeming good & bad -  in our lives to make us better. Embrace the changes that make you who you are today and be sure to care for the lovable parts of you with the not so lovable parts of you. All of you is worth it!

- Just a thought...


Iva said...

oh my goodness!! you have nothing at all to question yourself about! you are a lovely mom!!! :) Enjoy every moment :)

Anonymous said...

I was there about a week ago. It came down to the same (and only) focus and that's to keep our minds of Christ in Heaven. This life will pass away (along with our looks) but things in Christ will last.

You are a beautiful young mom. Stay encouraged in the Lord, my sister.


Candace Sheppard said...

Awww... thanks for the encouragement guys!

Execumama said...

Here, here! All of me is worth it! Tell it, hun! I'm a fabric fan if I can just make time to actually use the sewing machine I was all too excited to purchase...sigh! I love your blog, good stuff!

Melinda said...

Hi Candace,
I'm visiting from the Coming Clean blog and MBC! Love this post. One of the hardest things for me to accept from God has been grace. I hold myself to a standard, fail to live up to it and then flog myself. It's so productive! ;0)

We are all a work in progress for sure and your relationships with your husband and child are the most important thing you can work on, right? The rest is just window dressing. ;0)

(By the way, we are "neighbors" sort of ... We used to live in Ft. Lauderdale, but are now on the other coast near Fort Myers.)

Love the blog and theme!


Anonymous said...

I couldn't agree more! I did that for years...never buying any fun clothes because I wasn't happy with my weight. Nonsense. The right clothes make anyone look and feel fabulous! I just returned to the workforce after a year of unemployment. I can't wait to hit Macy's for a little spree of my own!