Thursday, May 28, 2009

I hate .....

dieting & working out! I would rather have dental work done than discipline myself & get on a schedule or work a routine. You can imagine how fun it must've been for me to get into the routine of caring for my daughter. LOL! I am naturally a get up & go on a whim kind of gal. But when it come to exercise my get up is gone.

What's even more hilarious is that I love to plan events for others - which you cannot even think about doing without a schedule! I just hate having to plan my OWN time, especially having to carve out that time for a workout. My honey gently reminded me today that I have to workout and I shuddered at the mention of it. So pray that I "work out" my time and get down to the business of gettin' in shape.

Speaking of events, The ladies luncheon I hosted yesterday was fun! I had about 12 of my close girlfriends show up with their munchkins and boy did we indulge! The theme was What Women Want and I was sure to include all of those things. We had a cosmetic consultant on hand, all sorts of jewelry & handbags on display and activities for the kids to keep occupied. We had a blast and i had the chance to remind my friends that we NEED to take care of ourselves and do the things that we love in order to stay refreshed.  

It is so important for us to get together & enjoy time with our friends. I don't know about other moms out there but I find that being home with my peanut as much as I love her can be very isolating & even dare I say, depressing on some days. So naturally being the planner I am put together this little shindig to switch up the daily routine for us stay at home moms. I do miss the socializing that comes with working a regular 9-5 but there is more freedom that comes with stayin' home. My time belongs to me or so I'd like to think! LOL! It really belongs to Leia. That' s cool cause she's so darn cute!

This morning while surfin' the blogosphere I found this great site that promotes exactly what we need as moms: ME Time. You have to check it out cause there is a plethora of info pumped articles & posts on how to stay on top of squeezing in a lil' time for us. I even managed to stumble on an article for fitting fitness in.

Let's hope I find the motivation to squeeze fitness into my me time for today. I might just fit in everything else but fitness. 

Otherwise, I am still taking some time for me.... what about you? You know you need it so... work it out.... Ha I couldn't help myself that time!

- Just a thought...