Tuesday, May 26, 2009

Don't you just love...

four day weekends? I sure do. I feel as though there's a very thin line between love and hate for me though. The weekend was fantastic - except for the occasional spot of rain here and there, but Monday was gorgeous. I had so much time to spend with my honey and our little peanut.

We stayed up late watching movies & stuffing our faces with snacks, we talked, woke up late and my honey even made me breakfast for the last 3 mornings! It was GLORIOUS...and then I watched him get up and go off to work today. *sigh* How I wished we could've just had one more morning together. Sooooo, i'm lovin' and hatin' it today but the blessing is at least he has a job to go back to.

Speaking of going back to, we won't be going back to those swim lessons. It is hilarious when our husbands don't listen to the advice we give & then realize in the end we were right. While I didn't rub his face in it, it does feel good to know he's finally on the right page with me. That's what happened with the swim lessons for Leia. I told him that I believed she would learn better in a more gentle & supportive environment. He told me if I couldn't handle it why did I come to watch ? Of course you're thinkin like I was - Oh no he didn't!!!

Yes. He. Did. Now I could've pitched a fit & ranted and raved but instead the peace of God came over me and I said fine. I will endure this "process" as you call it and quietly suffer as I watch her suffer. Now don't get me wrong, the issue wasn't the manner of the instructor or that Leia was being tortured, for me it was that my baby wasn't having fun or enjoying it. I was thinking how can she possibly learn to love swimming if it's no fun? Who likes to sit in a boring class? I know I don't so anyways, I "surrendered" and we took her to her second lesson. Again there was crying, frustration & anxiety but I got through it. 

The following day we are getting ready for church. We pack up all of her swimming gear & all that we need to head to the lesson right after service. After all is said & done at church, I asked Leia, "Honey, do you want to go swim with Ms. Instructor(name intentionally left out)? and at 2 years old she turned to me and said "I don't want to go swim anymore". I was shocked. Now we had been asking her for the previous two days if she wanted to go back and she said yes every single time asked. So I kept this info. to myself and forgot to tell my husband until we were in the car on the way to the lesson.

I leaned over and told him & he was shocked as well. He leans back while driving and asks " Mama, do you want to go swimming in the pool?" She clearly says with a sad face" I don't want to anymore". He looks at me and just sits with this disturbed look on his face. After sitting quietly for a few minutes I'm dying & I finally ask "what's the matter?" He says " I'm driving home." I say " What are you talking about?" He says" I don't have peace about making her go to the class if she's telling me she doesn't want to go." Let me tell ya'll, I was in shock, again. Especially after he had made that comment to me about not being able to handle it. All it took was for my little girl to say I don't want to go and it pierced daddy's heart. God is good and He answers prayer! Cause' i sure did not want to go back to that swimming class! My hubby even came & apologized to me for not understanding or listening. Can you believe it an authentic apology!!!! I waited for God to work the situation out and He delivered big time!

Lesson learned. It really isn't about being right - as much as I love to be right- sometimes it's just about laying your will down so God can teach your man something. My husband describes it this way - Submission isn't about letting the man walk all over you...it's about ducking and allowing God to slap the man!!! Bottom line, however you look at it, it works. That said, I'm off to finish all of the work I neglected to do during my glorious weekend. Back to reality and the planning for the ladies luncheon I'm hosting tomorrow. I must be crazy to do this after memorial day weekend. Pray that I remember to take some time for me and be sure to take a lil' sumthin for you too, now matter how long your getaway was this weekend you still need it.

- Just a thought...