Saturday, May 16, 2009

I am not.....

forgotten & I am here to say neither are you! Hello Mommas! I have a few things that I need to get off my chest and some questions I searched all over the blogosphere to find answers to.  No matter how many times I looked for blogs ridiculously honest about how forgotten & left out I felt I couldn't find what I was looking for. So there I was feeling like, and I emphasize feeling - every bit The Forgotten Mom.  

I must admit I love being a mom and I don't want to alienate the moms out their who revel in their ability to love & care for their children everyday but for a while I was having a real issue with having to sacrifice all of who I was in order to raise my beautiful baby girl. When it dawned on me, I like everyone else I felt, had forgotten to take care of me! 

I realized raising my baby had absolutely nothing to do with sacrificing who I was - while it may feel that way sometimes - but it was more so about finding a happy balance. The balance between taking care of me first, so i could care for my loved ones. Especially my husband & my baby girl. Talk about an AHA moment!

I created a spot that we could all come to reaffirm our need to be remembered everyday - NOT just Mother's day! ( I don't know who decided we deserved just one day cause it should be everyday but when I find them I'm gonna have a score to settle.) We have to remember not to unintentionally leave ourselves behind in the process of loving our family & others. Here's food for thought, I am sure that many of you have travelled by plane with your children - what's the procedure the stewardess walks you through? She tells you to strap yourself then your child & should you need an oxygen mask to place yours on FIRST before you reach to help your child. Isn't that somethin'? 

It is amazing to me that we have to be reminded to care for ourselves when we are the nurturers in the household. Some of us have it down pat and others like me struggle. We're so taxed doing for others that we get left out & then our will to be more, grow more & live more is crushed. Remember, if we don't take care of ourselves & something should happen (because life happens when we least expect it) who will care for the ones we used to care for? How will we raise happy, healthy & well rounded kids if we are unhappy,  unhealthy & all around insane?!

Nuff said mommies! Do something special just for yourself today. Get away for a while and read that book you've been dying to read, put the kids to bed early tonight so you can have time with your honey, get that pedicure & manicure you know you need! LOL! or opt to take some time with the beautiful family you have and just really enjoy the day. You have my permission to take care of you for a change. 

 - Just a thought....



Anonymous said...

Hmmmm......I think I found a soul mate. I couldn't agree more, and don't EVEN get me started on Mother's Day! Great post.

Nori D said...

So true, every little bit of it. I often feel like Ive been thrown aside, but how can anyone 'remember' me, when I fail to take notice of myself?

Great post. You have a new follower =)